The Truth: Danny Brown Talks Old


My Laugh Is Better Than Yours

For his new Truth episode, YN pulls up a chair beside Danny Brown at NYC’s Acme to discuss the creative process behind Old, why it may be one of the top LPs of the year, ODB comparisons and more.


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  • Chubby

    TOOO short of interview…. he needs #crwn and his stans “will sell dat shit out”…

  • Goat

    I remember when ACME was southern food. Bloomnberg, you’re a cunt.

  • Goat

    Dope interview.

  • G.LUV

    diz nigga look mad homo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yyyyyyyyyyyyyy u doing this db????? its not coollll

  • GreenBergs


  • RAP Tha God

    old, acid rap, innanetape, k.r.i.t. are in the discussion for top “albums” of the year. They are all better than mchg and nwts

  • Phone

    Most entertaining guy in the game. Old is really dope too.

  • Drew

    1. Old
    2. Acid Rap
    3. Twelve Reasons To Die
    4. Yeezus
    5. Gnk

    What I got so far for the year.

    • Chubby

      You spelled “Run The Jewels” wrong…

    • AD

      MNIMN??? FOH

  • dodo


  • RAP Tha God

    Forgot about Run The Jewels

  • hokuspoch

    i think u laughed at him too much

  • Shamba Menelek

    I like Danny Brown. He’s creative. Im gonna check his album out. But nobody has had more tones or been doing that longer than I have. Had to check in to say that. And Im not saying he got it from me either. It just frustrates me..No It disappoints me that Im not in a position to get credit for some of the trends I see happening in the game. But Im good I stays ahead of time. I will check out old tho.

  • drewsmit24