New Music: Game x Scarface “Hollywood”


Lights, Camera, Action.

With a shot at Fif, Game’s attention is directed towards him and his new track featuring Face Mob. This is the bonus cut off the OKE deluxe which is now available on iTunes.

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  • Viva La Raza

    super hard, great production..Game killing it

  • Defalt

    wow crazy


    dope to hear the o.g spit

  • Kr

    Game aint getting the respect he deserves as an mc… Oke is surprisingly good….. Game delivers that heat!!!

  • LOL

    we all know Fif ain’t gonna respond, he acts as if he’s too big for the culture. either way dope track.

    • Guillaume Pilon

      nah tis not even about that

      but whats the point of replying to game ??? next month he will ask for a g unit reunion

      game still stuck in 50 shadow…every where he go people still talking bout 2005

  • Peekay

    dope beat!

  • brollya

    i actually listened to this mixtape and it is a dj khaled album……dude tryna ride all da new west coast niggaz balls heavy and they spittin heavy on his shit….. everytime he had a verse, he got killed by either problem, clyde carson yg nipsey….. nigga still name dropping….. he was jus cryin bout tryna work wit 50 again den throw dat lil line in there….. a nigga wit no deal shouldn be throwing shots

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Poor Bi-Polar Game still dissing FIF. FIF doesn’t care about you.

  • Killyoself Asap

    Beat fuckin sucks, but face verse cold

    • Judith Murdock

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  • imperial85

    super dope

  • Cali2AZ

    Hip is not dead. Game is one of the dopest MC out there. Another Great Album/Mix Tape Homie. Love it. West Coast keep it em’

  • Larnell Brown

    I might smell a lawsuit coming. There is an artist here in Chicago bye the name of Bruza and his whole thing for the past 3 years has been O.K.E Originality Kills Everything . They own the rights and it is Trademark. But on another note I glad to see Game back in the scene

  • dk

    y would fif respond,one month he’s dissin the unit STILL,AND THE NEXT HE’S STARTING A PETITION TO REUNITE EVERYONE…i been a fan of game the whole journey but him signing to cash money is as stupid as busta making the same mistake,thats the last we heard of busta,… money shits on their entire roster except wayne,drake and minaj….