• KayandGee


  • Ehh Ross is starting to get played out, he fails at innovation miserably.

    • Brandon McCartney

      Shutup fag

      • Go lay in a corner and die and get off Ross dick, FAG! dick-riding @$$ clown!

        • Brandon McCartney

          u upset gayboi?

  • Guest

    blown away…psyche

  • HH



    THIS DUDE IS DOPE. KILWAUKEE ARTIST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM1XWQRpq1U

  • yorapper

    They finna kiss.

  • yeezy

    I fuck her like an addict, she fuck me like she mad at me but its all cool tho #dope

  • blacksthegmb

    https://soundcloud.com/blackstheg/h-gheurr-www-bellife-biz smoke a Joint to this ….i ain askin for deal just a click :0 hahaha

  • Skull Boi

    its different lol…ross caught me off guard

  • D-Money

    I kinda like this. I’m going to get it on my phone and see how it feels throughout the day. Hold on is my jam dawg!

    Tired of these american fuckboys on hear talking shit all the time.

    Hip-Hop is global…you fuckboys need to get a life, get a real education, secure your future then ball like us…We stunting on you fuckboy americans…

    hahaha your ghetto ain’t shit…you fuckboys are the biggest pussies.

  • marloblacc



    Yea this shoulda been the original!