• Denis Njoroge

    Got to admit this is one of the best cam interviews, Elliot needs to stop faking and do a OG CRWN segment -Dolo

  • Buns

    Cam is a true entrepreneur. Never knew. Dope interview

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Cam is a funny guy.


    • brollya

      u heard wat elliot said…. “dis is mainstream blog site” so i guess he aint got no name to dem but they stay posting triple cs and torch and dem stay flopping

  • Noe/Edub

    Harlem is the land of the hustlers. Cam is still getting it. Breakfast Club delivers once again.

  • AK

    Honestly I preferred the old website better. This one looks too confusing

    • xxx

      i feel you, they really need to give us the ability to watch and listen to content on the main RR feed. C’mon Son stop trying to get those click $$$

  • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

    good interview, especially part 2, last question about the serial killer was funny.

  • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel


  • Jack la greg

    I always knew they couldn’t have known Rich & Alpo on a street level because rich died when i was 15 years old and Cam and Jim would have been 9 or 10 Years old…. Great interview

    • aintshit

      Damn your getting old there buddy! Time to start thinking about laying off this site a little!

      • Hart

        u’ll be older one day too. don’t think ur gonna change that much – enjoy life and let others.

  • romelo

    Camron is a G

  • Da Business

    Respect to Cam

    @ Rap Radar

    I’ve been fucking w/ y’all from the jump. Been a YN fan since XXL(the good ol’ days). Tho I’m still getting use to the new lay out, I fux w/ it. My beef tho(and maybe someone out there can help me out) is the whole Disqus situation. W/ the old layout I was able to subscribe to the site and receive updates on everything that was posted. Either I can’t or I haven’t figured out how to do it w/ the new set up, and it’s killing me.

  • GreenBergs

    i wish cam could make a comeback

  • Whobutjay


  • i_dirtbike

    dipset, dipset

  • nirusxhonda

    these people don’t want to see you make it over them or see you make it period.

  • TimeChange

    yea,cam a cool dude

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