Jay Z Made In America Documentary


This Is The Star Spangled Banner.

Premiered last night on Showtime, Jay Z and director Ron Howard take us back to the first Made Of America festival for a behind the scenes look and performances.

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  • Skull Boi

    This guy here is on his shit!

  • Chronic

    Watched this shit last night, was awesome. Great mix of talking about what the festival is all about in interviews and performances

  • bumpy johnson

    i’m celebrating this guy sean carter while he is alive . ain’t waitin till he die or something unfortunate happens …….. GOD forbid ….. …….. salute a living legend ….

    • 7thEmerson

      That’s wisdom right there. Don’t wait til people die off before they get their props. There are other people who should be recognized as well, but since this is a Jay post, it’s about him, so props on the thoughts.

    • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

      I agree 100 percent, I can say with certainty now that he is the Goat.

  • Skull Boi

    just watched it…..jay z has no different story than any of us. he was just brave enough to step in front of the world and tell it. artists get so caught up in the glits and glamour but never realize that when you actually help others it takes your career further. Good looks jay! im from the south and never really liked jay z but recently became a jay z fan due to his elevation continuously.

  • brza

    excellent documentary

  • JamaicanBreddah

    what are you saying Rick …lol

  • Bozé CliQow Rocka


  • Stan

    My First stand up performance watch it and let me know what you think

  • Junior Caesar

    This was truely amazing

  • john

    fantastic song to have playing while credits are rolling

  • jay

    this was amazing, wish i had gone to this thing. that old lady cracked me up when she was talking about “too much bang bang.” she looked like death warmed over

  • Red
  • Fly boulevard

    It’s not showing up all I see is a pop up

    • Dashing28

      I see the video underneath a NSFW pop up on the video. And I’m working today and almost got caught looking grimey out here. Cmon RR!

  • The Walking Truth


  • Bro

    It’s Opie Cunningham

  • Starlion

    Powerful stuff right here.
    Living legend

  • White Widow
  • Sick&Tired

    Rev run is a dikc

  • Me being a producer/artist just trying to create, it’s good to see something like this; this is what it’s all about. The variety in the showcase is what really appealed to me. Jay is definitely that guy. Respect.