New Video: 2 Chainz “Used 2”


Back Dat Azz Up.

2 Chainz followed his own advice and uploaded his new video to YouTube VEVO. Produced by Mannie Fresh, the clip was shot in New Orleans with cameos from the Hot Boys. This is sure to have the dance floor crazy.

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  • SONative

    Man this video brought me back good job! just wish 2 chainz would show off his lyrical ability more

    • Matt

      Nigga said Lyrical LMAo

      • SONative

        Yeah…. he’s capable what’s funny

        • Cliff

          He definitely can rap. He doesn’t always show it.

    • Eddie Kane Jr.

      This song doesn’t call for any lyrical ability. It’s a club song.

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    a lot of today’s hip hop is just like corny pop music. i would rather listen to backstreet boys than this shit.

  • Matt

    slave rap

    • SONative

      Slave rap bruh…. seriously

  • Brodie

    This song fuckin sucks with the weak ass Juvie imprrsonation, but got damn if I ain’t feelin this video. Ass overload, my nigga. Good to see Mannie out there

  • Skull Boi

    this video was shot in my hood! so u know i loved it ya herd meh! new orleans stand up!

  • Cliff

    Chainz ain’t do this beat justice. He used the juve flow in the whole song and didn’t say a thing.

  • veesky

    When I saw all the twerking, part of me was like…”Cool…”, meanwhile, another part of me was like…”That’s probably someone’s mom…”

  • Rufus Buck

    Mannie Fresh still got it. It was dope to see the crew back together. FREE BG. 2 Chainz did that so shout out to him too.

    Oh btw… We are all going to hell because of stuff like this.

  • Extra Domus


  • Blah

    Good to see Wayne in his hometown

  • Noe/Edub

    Mannie still got them bangers.

  • Reginald
  • Reginald
  • Reginald
  • Marketing Champ

    Honestly, 2 Chainz aint say shit on this and he didnt even rip that Juvie flow. If you were gonna do it, then do it and make it fresh. Shit.

  • Rasheen Young Ra Harrison
  • Ocky Nohara

    Whoa, I was raised there

  • o’block234

    This is okay .. I mean .. he can do better .