• brian

    get the fuck outta here with this trash.

  • ShitYouNeedToKnow

    Don’t make us go to another site to view and post comments. Its definitely a turn off from sharing my opinion about this shitty song

  • Don’t Go Over There

    The worst part of this song is that Miley’s bars are better than French’s

  • Brandon

    Not feeling this! I don’t get these dudes…if Gunplay do a song with this chick, I’m done with rap forever!

    • bobby

      the fact that you even care about gunplay that much should have you be done with rap forever

  • I liked it.

  • Ken Rose

    B. Dot your bitch ass got SONNED by that nigga Ebro on Hot97. You and your boyfriend Yellow Nigga sat there and took it. Where the Juan Epstein post at fuck nigga?

  • Skull Boi

    Dope but why so late French!

  • Elproblemo Djblast

    I’m disgusted with this they need to worry about the state of hip-hop, total buffoonery and don’t say I’m hating, I been listening to hip-hop since the 90’s and I know whats trash, the problem with you youngsta his that ya don’t know your history, you guys really think this good music wooooow!!!!

  • stan

    Trash some real comedy here


  • brollya

    wen i saw dis on my timeline, i thought it was fake but i see this is real….. why post shit lik dis but dont post up kidd kidd interview at breakfast club or his new single “im a g”….. ya some trained mufuckas…. postin anything mainstream….