New Music: Lupe Fisaco x Ed Sheeran “Old School Love”

old school love

Let’s Take ‘Em Back.

Featuring Ed Sheeran, Lupe Fiasco reflects on the past for the first single off his forthcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth. Old school, new school need to learn though.


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  • Makaroni

    Kanye west family business…similar

  • Sturk

    Sounds like that College Dropout Kanye production. Dope



  • norbert


  • idkmyself

    We can never go back to those classic sounds from the early 2000s but its always good to hear something that sounds like that era every once in a while

  • typac

    this is terrible lupe sucks

    • Sam Robilotta

      u suck for leaving that comment

  • RedRocBoy86

    The greatest. Lupe The God. Can’t wait for Tetsuo.

  • dopeness

  • Da Business

    This is hella dope. It does have that “family business” feel to it tho.
    Damn, when Lu wants to be, he’s the best in the game. I fux w/ J.Cole & K.Dot heavy, fact of the matter is, Lupe’s head is not always in the game. “FNL” & “The Cool” r classics, no debating.

    • Da Business

      Lupe should have that spot on lock.

  • HipHopObama

    Way to go Wasulu. I like when you kick that “on Earth” flow.

  • G. Lansky

    Lupe gave the people what they want to hear.. lyrics plus easy listening.. dope

  • brza

    this melody (or sample) sounds extremely close to Kanye’s “Family Business” from The College Dropout

  • brza

    on another note Lupe finally brings that old thing back. good to see that he can leave his pretentious attitude at the door and still come with it

    • sway-z

      Amen to that. I’ve never went from a hardcore fan almost to borderline hater of any other artist that quick in my life.

      • brza

        my thoughts exactly

  • KayandGee

    on point..nice radio single

  • RawLifeRAjAH

    Respect to you Lupe! – @RawLifeRAjAH

  • TOY-T

    this guy is the best

  • Sam Robilotta

    love it

  • Fly

    Really? you guys think this Lupe is better, seriously? F&L 2 was one of the GREATEST albums of all time, lyrically, in his flow, productions sounds everything! Brave Heart, Unforgivable Youth and Strange Fruition comopared to this? they are untouchable, when Lupe really means it, SMH your all fools and should be embarrased that you have to listen to such low and shallow lyrics like this just to pleae yourselfs, is this really your goal?

    Listen to what im saying, and don’t comment about ANYTHING else than the content of this comment, or that ignorance will reign through even greater. #WAKEUP

    • Flyy

      this Lupe is good, nice mixing it up, but the constant bitching and whining about his current music (which is 100x better than this) is an absolute atrocity?