New Music: Maino x Jadakiss “What Happened”

what happened

See What Happened Was.

Things just ain’t the same for New Yorkers. So leave it to Maino and Kiss to question the current state of New York Hip-Hop. You know you heard them on the radio.


Sidebar: Footage of Maino’s arrest in NYC last month for suspended license. License? What’s that? Ha!

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  • OJ’s SBack

    on a south beat. yeah, we heard you loud and clear.

  • mido

    south beat was there to make a point?

  • This is directed @ radio….Realistically the rap game is about politics.. Payola is just like the citizens united ruling…where the more money you have the more you can influence a culture……..(i’m not hating but speaking my mind there is a difference) guys like Baby and Rozay who’s artists flood the radios airwaves in NEW YORK are like the Koch brothers in a sense they give $$ to the powers that be…which explains why we hear a MMG or Young Money track alternating on the radio religiously…their domination on the radio isn’t based on their talents it’s definitely $$ too ….or “I owe you’s” to Dj envy and ebro, the face of Ny radio… and I’m not even sure if Ross’s and Baby’s influences really pack a punch …..Jimmy Iovine sounds like a fairer comparison to the Koch brothers …I mean he pumps $ to chief keef…

    • Epul

      Last I check Keef only got 300-400 for his album budget…

  • copkillaqueenz

    maino the realest dog.

  • CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOUTH BEAT IS ON PURPOSE! When I cook it cook it break it break it swag it swag it twerk twerk work work. LMAOOOOO Salute to Maino & Kiss. #TIMELESS

  • LOL

    their rapping on a trap beat for a reason people, to attract you cookie cutter fanboys who support that shit. this is dope.

  • Yamzz

    The only reason the south running the game is cuz they keep on coming with new artists…Nobody really fiendin for a Nelly, TI, Luda, or any of the other OGz from the south just like Jada, 50, Nas…You can’t expect them dudes to carry NY forever its time for the young dudes to come in and make noise…and sadly the young NY generation is kinda weak

  • The Real Truth

    damn this goes hard…..

  • JIG-AH

    JADA…Hardest MFer in DA City # Ten Toes Down

  • Voo Vay RAY $

  • Mean


  • JD

    Joe Budden’s Who Killed Hip Hop ftw

  • Michael Ibbett

    [email protected] the caption…but its…”See, what ‘had’ happened was”

  • They have some cliche points, but it’s a bit tiring when bloated-ego radio “personalities,” copy/paste bloggers, and even some respected artists feel like they can sum up New York hip hop in a couple of soundbites, a few paragraphs or a couple verses… Especially disappointing when vets fall into the same ‘ol complaining, feeding the general (incorrect, if you ask me) consensus that there is something “wrong” with New York hip hop… There’s a helluva lot more to the overall NY hip hop landscape than the issues being discussed in this song. Not sure what the message really is here…

  • Barry Bello
  • Barry Bello
  • Barry Bello
  • Imhiphop

    problem is NY is not in the production….gotta get back to that grimy

  • Dashing28

    Cats who said it’s a southern beat are missing the whole point of the song. So Meek, Drake, Kendrick(none of whom are from the South) are rapping on “southern” beats? Beats aren’t regional any more. Simple minded dudes end up making nothing but boom bap tracks that NYers say they want but NEVER support. Music changes and evolves and rappers can evolve with it. And part of the reason NY isn’t popping is because of the false notion that there’s only 1 NY sound. There wasn’t 1 sound back in the 90s(Primo, Swizz, Rockwilder, Wyclef had very different sounds and produced for NY artists) but if they add an 808 it’s no longer NY. GTFOH.

  • chicago

    How the fuck can new York fall off, when you got jadakiss spittin like this!!!!!!!

  • D.Arts

    Real shit blog this shit aint nobody on this bullshit hip pop bullshit list fuckin with ya boi fuck screamin blackin 808’s lyin and cryin on songs for the bitches D.ARTS BROOKLYN BED-STUY IN THIS MOTHAFUCKA and new york aint weak we just not talkin bullshit like these lames the public fear that raw shit real life shit and radio and young niggaz bandwagon swaggin faggots if its whats out they on it they blend in with the smog NY WE TAKIN THIS SHIT BACK THE LEADER OF THE NEW SKOOL WILL RISE FROM NY 90 % of legends from rite here and for the record anybody can claim king with nobody in his era reppin and bangin hard….. soon…….bitches