2013 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher: Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad & Kendrick Lamar


TDE Is Running This Rap Shit.

Last but certainly not least, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, new signee Isaiah Rashad and Kendrick Lamar repped for Top Dawg Entertainment with their anticipated session. Damn, Kendrick. High fives over here too.

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  • Shabba

    Lawd have mercy….. Kendrick….

  • tlox


  • joe

    welp. cannot wait to see what dra……. nevermind.

  • Tyrone

    Ill take slaughterhouse over this anyday. Ya’ll tripping if you think kendricks verse was better than Crokked-I or even Royce or Joe.

    • Mike Thompson


    • DOM

      -___________________- but are we REALLY tripping

    • Eldude Stryke

      man both were dope fuck the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Ripper

      @ Tyrone, did you listen to K. Dot? Joe Budden’s bars were weak as hell. Weak. Stop trying to hate on K. Dot

    • Chronic

      Joel and crooked had comparable levels of dopeness to kendrick. But Royce barely saved his verse at the very end and that was the weakest joe budden I’ve heard since pump me up. Kendrick just went on for so long just killin it the whole time

    • Chronic

      Pump it up*

    • Ill Street

      he was better than Royce, @ least = to Joell, not better than Budden or Crooked

    • lovehiphopdebate

      the problem with his flow it was kinda lazy not enough energy into it that helps out what your saying Kendrick was way more impactful

  • Jay

    Ay Dios Mio Kendrick!!!!

  • UnknownUniverse

    Kendrick stay winning.

  • JuJu

    Kendrick killed it, everyone else was average

  • Dsunn


  • djdoit

    Some Folks Gone have hurt feelings. He meant that shit too. Watch his face after in the crowd. face like “What!”

  • Black Lip Pastor

    King Kendrick!!!

  • jmcl

    your career aint shit unless you got some kendrick in it

  • BlackestNight63

    I knew people would go apeshit over K. Dot’s verse, but Rock was spittin’ some shit.

    • INFGhost013

      I agree with u he was spittin also

    • Beezy 5-50

      People always sleepin on Rock smh


      Jay Rock went in

  • Hawthorne

    Rock and Ab spit fire! Kendrick was nice too!

  • Nick Perle

    I’ll take crooked I’s verse over Kendrick’s. Schoolboy a killed it too

    • Twittavelli

      He said “I’m so street look both ways before you cross me!”

  • djdoit

    List In Order who killed it:
    Close 2nd:Jay Rock
    Just sayin, Rock killed it tho

    • polopolo1

      my charge is killin rappers with no warrant that shit was hard, jay rock fucked it up.

      and you forgot Q who i think went pretty hard too, isiah dope but he needs to be at the bottom he wasnt fire

  • Pap-pap

    that was at papoose all day.. “opportunist or corny”

  • Eldude Stryke

    SOUTH CENTRAL STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M25

    Kendrick is dope but his verse is being over hyped again! He had his moments but it was average to me. I think people boosted this because they felted like he was aiming at Drake. You can tell that people are feenin for real hip hop.

  • SkinnyNigga27

    Kendrick….. GOT DAM

  • JMcL

    kendricks verse is soundin like rap god

    • Versace FlockaFlame

      The fact that the verse was said before the song came out makes your statement invalid!

      • JMcL

        I said its soundin like.. Never said they were copying

  • Doobi-Roc

    King Kendrick…

  • polopolo1

    i still cant determine who was this nigga talkin bout? if you go deep it sound like he was talkin about papoose but it was so vauge especially with that first bar that it sounded like it coulda been for drake? hmmmmm yall think he left this answer open ended on purpose or nah?

  • SteakandFries

    Drake not fkn with dude…sorry

  • Lance R. Grandé

    can’t lie, kendrick killed it

  • Hussle

    GOOD LORDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! King Kendrick showed everybody why he will be amongst the great!!!!!!

  • LP1087

    Kendrick ain’t quotable tho. Ill shit but you wanna be legendary, be quotable

    • Max

      What about “The west coast cosa nostra under oath till it’s over, you over-owe us” ? come on.

  • haann

    Theres no way anyone can tell me Kendrick didnt know that him saying “Nothings been the same” and “sensitive rapper” would make people think hes talking about drake. Kendrick knows good and well that saying those things would be seen as a drake shot hes not stupid. With that being the said the verse is way to over hyped, solid but way to overrated

    • Jay

      “Accidents never happen when murders involved” in my opinion that means if you feel like that was about you than it probably was. His words were calculated.

  • Jovanni Barinas

    I cant even pick just one to say killed it…they all compliment eachother rt


    Kendrick’s verse was straight fire!!!! You know the sucker’s hating his verse are the same one’s whose favorite mc’s got dissed!!!!! Papoose had his chance & now ever since he’s been dissing Kendrick all of a sudden I see people on these hip hop sites rocking with him like they were with him in the beginning. “Niggaz” not Black people always hating on whoever’s either been on top for a long time or whoever the new hot mc is getting props from everyone!!!!!!! Keep Lyricism Alive!!

    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’13!!!

  • Word

    Y’all continue to underestimate ASAP Rocky. He bodied his too. But Kendrick takes home the crowd.

    I feel Kendrick is winning so much these days though that now you’ll see these hipster anti-hype fuckers trying to downplay everything he does now. Everyone knows Kendrick killed but you’ll get folks saying Bronson or Crook were better (both great but not Kendrick)

  • SpaceGhost


  • haann

    Kendrick is becoming so overrated in everything he does, this guy could do nothing but fart on a track and have all his dickriders treating it like its the holy bible. Dont get me wrong Kendrick is the truth, people just have to stop acting like hes a GOAT or something chill out

    • djdoit

      No one is screaming Goat yet. Kendrick has revived a once dead art. This trap shit, tho contagious and catchy, isn’t what hip hop was built on. All the youngsters gon dislike this but, you won’t get rid of old hip hop heads! We will continue to search daily on sites like this HOPING someones drunk uncle screamed at him during their childhood about how HIP HOP was started off with lyrics. That a whole generation of ppl who love this art didn’t have computers or cell phones. That most artist had to have talent to be heard. We’re all thankful technology has come along and allowed ppl to be heard but some of us, even if only a few, still hope there is some sort of breath still left in hip hop. And like it or NOT,Kendrick is the closest we’ve had in a long while. Give us this moment. Lord knows how long it will last

  • After reading these comments first then looking at the video my expectations were high! But as I should have known dick-riders over-hyped it! smh… I guess I’m that ‘hater’ on here cause this was only a bit above average to me, people are way too easily impressed these days!

    Honestly Kendrick may have set a bar for himself on that “Control” verse, they say you’re only hot as your last song and that verse raised a bar for himself, now he’s in the same position as Eminem is; everybody patienly waits for him to deliver a dope verse and outshine everybody. Idk, just my opinion.

    • SpaceGhost

      You are in denial. He murdered this shit and if the white boy would have done this you would have nutted all over yourself. He set it off and that is that on that lil buddy.

      • If the white boy would have did it I would have nutted? laughable! lol Go back and read my comment I left under Em’s “Rap God” on this site, I’m no dick rider by ANY means, I’m actually not afraid to admit when my favorite rapper(s) has a $#!++Y verse or songs or whatever.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love Kendrick, I even bought his album twice (a clean and a dirty copy) so in no way is my opinion considered bias or hating at all, I just wasn’t impressed!… And to be fair… I actually wasn’t impressed by ANYONE this year at the cypher. I guess if I was to say who came the hardest it’d be Kendrick or Crooked I, but they’re still not highly impressive. Sorry if our opinion’s aren’t the same bro. *shrugs*

        • flo

          and no1 really cares about your opinion

          • Ugh stfu, you sound like a tard! Every comment on this site is based on opinions, nothing is a fact here, that’s why it’s called a blog!

  • Matt

    ab soul didn’t even go hard and killed it.

  • Kappa

    Slaughterhouse cypher was better, but the beat slaughterhouse had was average as fuck if they had this one it wouldve been complete murder

  • Foekist

    Is this recorded live? – Didn’t think so! So what’s up with all the cheers and claps and shit in the background. That’s corny

    • eastpointvet

      the cheers and claps are from the crowd at the show when they show the cyphers to the crowd

    • Mike Thompson


  • Octavio Reis

    Kendrick Lamar kills.

  • Dave

    Q wasnt as good as i thought he would be. Rock had the best verse, Kendricks was just longer

  • Nick Perle

    Personally I think rittz had one of the verses of the night! “From the south but I wasn’t brought up like Paula deen”

  • Reginald
  • yeah

    Control was respectable, now you’re just biting the hand that fed you. Nonsense dissin’s only going to lead to discredit. Isaiah showed out for tennessee though, people are looking at him like they did K around section .80, but dont say i told you the future.

    and note: i started fucking with kendrick about 4 months before gkmc was even announced, i want this guy to win, but i cant say “YEAHH! DISRESPECT THE GUY THAT HELPED YOU OUT!” Much less give you a crown for it.

  • Vins

    he’s not saying anybody helped him, he’s saying he helped hiphop with that control verse and now everybody hatin on him

  • haann

    Drake gave Kendrick the platform to put his music out and your in denial if you cant see that, Drake showed Kendrick what his first arena looked like, Drake gave Kendrick the beat for kendricks first single swimming pools that was made by drakes producer Tminus.

  • Hip Pop Is Alive


  • DJ Coganc

    JayRock. KDot. AbSoul. Schoolboy. Thats the list in the correct order.

  • DJ Coganc

    The Memphis cat showed up too.

  • brza

    waiting for a sophomore album from Kendrick before throwing around labels

  • Nahhhh

    Anyone else feel like KDot couldnt find the camera the whole time?

  • JAlley13

    Kendrick ain’t playin’ around ladies and gentlemen!! A monster has been unleashed. Need a new album ASAP.

  • INFGhost013


  • ke n

    man kendrick that kid is not playing

  • click

    Shut the fuck up if you don’t think Kendrick murdered this. Ignorant beings.

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    was just listening to MGK’s Lace Up and found an interesting thing: there is a song on it called End of the Road, and in it there are lines like: “Established myself and then I signed myself, and what I tell myself is you did it by yourself…”. Reminds me of Drake’s lines from that All Me joint…Since Lace Up was out like a year before Drake record was released, seems like the Drake ‘found some inspiration’ in MGK’s lyrics, doesn’t it?

  • SaloDolo

    Let’s be honest here. The reason everyone is riding Kendrick is because no one here or anywhere can make a strong argument for any of his verses, features, or songs being wack in the last year and a half at least. He has come out the gate and delivered nothing but strong and intelligent hip hop. Even his radio singles were not made to be that way.They got picked up pushed by the stations because they were fire. When girls are wearing shirts sporting Kendrick lines and he didn’t even saturate or try for that market. People need to stop hating. The kid is something special. Realistically with the body of work and what he has been doing he has worked his way into my top 5 and is heading into a legendary bracket. Every sport has prodigies right? Secondly Jay Rock has been nice and it took money trees to see this. He has been nice since the breeding ground of All Hip Hop. Real Hip Hop is alive if people want to search or accept it. Thirdly Soul is always lazy. Dope artist but he delivers the same way he pushes himself through the industry. Lastly Q has made a strong presence with an intelligent ignorance which is something that satisfies the mainstream along with the true fan. Bottom line there are tons of dope artists out just like them. And Kendrick textbook murdered this the way he has murdered everything.

  • ColEWorld

    Listen to Jay Rock’s verse and tell me he’s not dissing meek…

  • B

    King…..Kendrick? Shots at King Push??


    Jay Rock
    Schoolboy don’t care.