• Jacob Mclemore

    rittz all day he killed them all strange music takin over

  • MrMyG

    Rittz hates people who say “my g” and “fam”? Oh werd cowboy? Flash in the pan ass obscure ass rapper.

    • crackerdarealist

      thats why he on bet and you hating from a computer. 2013 sir haters and trolls are lame as fuck.

      • GOD MC

        Rittz was dope, but having an opinion is not always hating dude.

    • LoudmouthMatt

      Flash in the pan? Ha! Nope, Rittz and Strange are here to stay. You probably missed it while you were listening to 2 Chainz.

    • Bad Idea

      Says the ass hurt clown with My G in his name. Hope your shift at footlocker wasn’t as stressful on you. “Oh Werd Cowboy” You’re just the dickbag he’s talking about.

    • TruthSerum

      lol, rittz offended this douche

  • TS!ke

    Bout time Wax got some recognition!

  • Luie

    Italian dude was good. But my favorite is WAX

    • 100%HC Motherfuckaa

      Thrust me bro,i’m italian and the italian dude is like one of the worst rappers here…

  • Hugo Rodriguez

    This was probably my favorite cypher last night! Rittz and Jon Connor killed it!! Check out this cypher featuring the Lordz of Finesse breakdance crew with emcees from Colorado!! They got bars! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsFfQt9dtko

  • ElsaMoo

    wax!!! only reason i come to check to this out, haha but i like that other guy with the awesome beard! rittz haha

  • DblStk


  • Big L’s Ghost

    This was the best cypher by far….Wax Rittz and connor killed it …..Fuck Black hippy

  • 100%HC Motherfuckaa

    Guys i’m italian and emis killa is one of the shittest mc’s here
    if you wanna listen good italian rap search on yt:Mezzosangue,Kaos one

    • DecaKing

      Thanks for the recommendation. I thought Emis was kinda out of his league here.

  • DecaKing

    Rittz! Tremendous phrasing, really interesting syncopation. By far the most interesting to me in this cypher. Became a fan after seeing this clip.

    Other than this, the BET awards were absolutely trash. In general, “popular” hiphop has become as wasteland of materialism and cliche. There was a time, kiddies, when hiphop was both good and had wider appeal. You have to go pretty deep these days to find really interesting cats.