Bun B & DJ Maseo On The Combat Jack Show


Soul Trill.

While down in A-Town for A3C, Bun B and De La Soul’s DJ Maseo participated in The Combat Jack Show podcast. Here’s what went down.

Another Special A3C episode in which the legendary Bun B sits live on stage to discuss various topics, and in which DJ Maseo, the original Plug 3 from the legendary De La Soul crew gets pulled from the crowd and onto our stage to talk De La history, fatherhood, grandfatherhood, the differences between Hip Hop in 1988 and in 2013 and more.

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  • milligan

    Great show..

  • I fucks with the combat jack show. best intro on a podcast ever! i miss when it was like ‘”Dallas on the for-mat.”

    They’re snobs on twitter tho. I get retweeted from big time celebs, but if i give props on twitter about a good combat jack ep, these fools be like ” ………………” lol fuck em but good show tho.

    And props to this site. E cool. B dot cool. you should go in on Jude one day, fuck him. he is a lame who thinks he’s better than people because he is white and got famous for dissing Black womens. Everybody who started on shade45 when he did, went off to BIGGER and better things, and he still in the same spot he was 10 years ago. where they do that at in the entertainment industry?” Yee? famous. Cipha. Famous and coming up in comedy. Jude? Well, he tells people “do yourselves a favor and buy my fucking book.” unquote.

    B.Dot, fuck him. He called you everything except for the N-word that one day. Its insulting because you laugh it off. U matter and if whoo kid can get a pass, you should get props. just my opinion.

    So its poetic justice that yall dont promote a book about a dirty ass poor trash white boy heavy drug addict and real life dirty, dusty bum, who came up because he dyed and cut his hair like eminem on a daytime tabloid talkshow, and lived outside of the D but claimed mo-town .

    had to get it of my chessss. Never publicly take L’s from someone less than U.