• B Rich

    Kendrick is KING of the NEW SCHOOL!

  • Belize

    Sq with the red bucket…rock with the bule and org..》》》》 that’s luv

  • SpaceGhost

    Long Live King Kendrick!!!

  • RichFlair

    bought to you by pampers and haircuts

  • Tryingtobehappy


  • Maad

    Rappin over their own songs, smh…

  • Ptit Sage

    so good

  • Drake


  • Jason Molina

    Jay Rock keeps it gangsta/slick in a smooth manner, thug ass dude. I’d have to say he went the hardesr in general (not lyrically) on the cyphers… K dot, AB, and the new kid can keep up with budden… Q was on some other shit with his flow and lyrics were straight if u listen closely.

  • Jason Molina

    My fault i meant AB Soul and KDOT were nice and that the NEW KID (isaiah rashad) keeps up with BUDDEN