New Video: Justin Bieber “All That Matters”


Goodness Gracious, Great Walls Of China.

While visiting China during his Believe tour, JB dances all over the Great Wall Of China in the accompanying visual to a song from hisĀ #MusicMondays series.

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  • basedgenie

    how the fuck did justin bieber make it onto RAPradar…

    50k maybe?

    • Michael Ibbett

      cuz his hat was on backwards, had a big chain and there was a black guy in the video lol

  • Kid

    How is this rap related tho??

    • Strong Enough

      its urban

  • N-Slick

    WHy the fuck is this on RR?

  • Leo

    this site fell off

  • 7thEmerson

    Of course this would get posted the same day you get reamed out by Hot 97. Of course…….

  • Jet Lifer

    WTF ? Bieber on RR ?

  • MadShot

    First that new layout
    Now Justin Bieber
    Ok Captain, I think something is wrong with that boat



  • It’s Just Music

    I always try to defend this site as much as possible but it is clear that you guys just do shit for a check. Is JB REALLY on a rap site?

  • Jungle

    YN is a fan of Jay Z. They’d both do anything for money.

  • sir,dickson

    I’m sticking to hiphopdx now. RR been down hill for a minute now. smh

  • T.Diamond

    yall niggas buggin this record is crazy. do you fools listen to music or do you jus skim thru it! chord progression tough

  • GreenBergs

    so who’s paying beiber to not go completely edm on yall asses?