Future Back On Drake Tour


You Said What?

Looks like there’s no Future for Drake’s Would You Like A Tour. Page Six reports, he’s just been removed from the tour, allegedly from his recent statement with Billboard:

“Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn’t grab you. They’re not possessive; they don’t make you feel the way I do.”

According to Ashely Outrageous, Jhené Aiko will be filling in according to her IG. What’s up?


UPDATE: Future back.

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  • Stan

    ehh who cares…Kiss Land nd YEEZUS tour >

    • Sam Robilotta

      Future does

  • Chronic

    Lol, didn’t this dude get kicked off Wayne’s tour too? I agree with what he said about drakes album, but really, “don’t make you feel the way mine do” c’mon son, you make music for girls to shake their ass too and that’s it

  • BLUE

    didnt future cancel his own tour in the spring to be on this tour?
    damn that sucks….:hah:

    • ANTI_U

      Nah..he dropped the Wayne tour for this one.

  • oui

    Yas, show them who is the boss. Drake is tired of doing favors nd get shits in return. 1st kendrick now this…ha action buddy no more nice guy

  • Light skin Tremaine

    Drake taking a note from the 50 cent handbook

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    his to sensitive to be a part of hip hop

    • tlox

      STFU…yet when Drake answers interview question about Kendrick…Kendrick makes a whole Cypher diss about it..hmm…Business is business… Take shots to the kidney

      • flo

        a whole cypher diss? wtf are you even talking about.

    • Light skin Tremaine

      What are you talkin about, Hip hop been sensitive, Pac used to go at NY rappers for being seen in the same room as biggie

    • tlox

      Pac stopped talking to Snoop when snoop was cool with BIggie…STFU this was a good business move


        He had to do it.

        • tlox

          And so Drake had to do it too…

          • RINGMASTR

            Apparently he did

  • GOD MC

    I can’t imagine how bad Future has to sound live…

  • 7thEmerson

    Damnnnn, but honestly its Future’s fault. Dude was talking grimey from before with the whole Drake not doing a music video with him situation. Biting the hand that fed you (twice) is not a good look.

  • JuJu

    Thank God, didn’t want to hear Future’s jungle music…the run is about up.

  • West West

    Just had a look at Ticketmaster Future was just the supporting act for 10 shows. And the tour is 41 cities long! So it’s not that big of a let down for the fans!

    • tlox

      lol…at the fans being let down part…if you go on Twitter people are fucking happy

    • Deya

      Future not performing makes fans go crazy, dude sound like he crying on tracks with autotune. reminds me of lil wayne on sizzurp singing dufflebag boy almost crying lol

  • brza

    Drake wins!



  • Belize

    aint that nigga future diss this nigga b4? Ya fuck a future

  • Vanusa Neto

    what a fucking idiot. This tour would be such a big look for him and he will NEVA be a part of a tour this big in his liê. Talking smack about the boss and expecting not to get any consequences huh? Fuck that.

  • tlox

    People are acting like Drake is not a giant in the game right now lol. Imagine if future was on tour with Hov and said that same thing.

  • Sean Power

    Drake about try change this guy in to T pain lol

    • Jesse

      Now that would be He Larry Us

  • jmcl

    good future you blow absolute dick how u gonna hate on drake. your songs dont grab shit. only thing i grab after listening to your music is some Tylenol.

  • fourtencity

    DAMN drake gotta get on that D.O.A beat ASAP… How the fuck you gonna talk about drakes music not being “possessive” when the internet was BUZZIN about how this niggas songs can make you feel depressed?? Only a hater could say talk shit about drake for this move cause the other end of the argument youre fighting for FUTURE? nigga no one want to see that skittle in the mouth ass nigga.

  • NiggaInThaHigga

    LOL Future digged his own grave. What a lame ass nigga. Making songs whose lyrics don’t make any sense and acts like he the king.

  • cashcow223


  • cashcow223


  • fresh

    Drake made the right move!! He got no time for fake shit and ain’t putting money in ungrateful rappers pockets no more…I knew that statement wasn’t gonna be taken lightly…Future stupid

  • DJ Cognac

    welcome to the music business where telling the truth fucks up your money. Drake album is exactly how Future described it.

    • It’s Just Music

      Which is understandable, but dude said “they don’t make you feel the way I do”.

      1. That’s is complete bullshit, I feel like i have down syndrome temporarily when listening to future.
      2. Dude is downplaying his so called boy, while trying to big himself up. That’s some girl behavior.

  • yeah

    Future’s a snob in public too. When Busta, Khaled, and Ace Hood are out there giving handshakes, you just look like you have a stick up your ass. That’s just me being at 106 and park though. But with that comment and these actions, things are really starting to add up with this guy.

  • sir

    niggas actin like future aint apart of the Dungeon Fam. Calls it how he sees it holmes, fuck a gay ass drake tour!

  • Darkheart

    Tour for bitch ass niggas lol,Future said what was on his mind wasn’t no big deal

    • fourtencity

      haha said what was on his mind then bitched out and made the magazine take the quote out.. ya “no big deal” and now suing drake for 1.5 for kickin his lame ass off the tour…

  • It’s Just Music

    Future is so cocky. Dude is not even on his second album and he is talking like he’s a legend. The life span of an artist is two records, let’s see if future will be around for his third, let alone to see if he’s a “legend” lmfao

    • JuJu

      Honestly though, we all know future’s career is trickling down. No way his label even opens up a budget for a second album.

  • Brodie

    I don’t even fuck with Drake, but he did the right thing. How the fuck you gonna speak ill of someone when you’re their worker? Get your own tour then talk your shit

  • JuJu


  • polopolo1

    lol was he dropped from the tour because of his statements? or were the statements made after? either way future made too much garbage to be commenting on anyones music, just make your music and stfu

  • Skull Boi

    i got a feeling this info will come out to be inacurate

  • Sean Power

    drake should book Tpain for the tour just to piss him off

  • Sam Robilotta

    I just got an interview from billboard, started getting noticed, kicked off the tour lost millions of dollars all at the SAME DAMN TIME!

  • niknik

    Thank God, now I’ll actually consider going

  • RG4


  • Starlion

    Future a stupid nigga. Drake BEEN feeding him ever since he dropped a verse for Tony Montana remix… Pff these niggaz ego man. U don’t even have that much talent to be fronting like that.
    Drizzy right to be bossin up.

  • Starlion

    nigga must be salty as fuck.

  • jay

    yea i mean its drake’s tour, therefore hes the boss what would happen if you went to your job and talked shit about your boss to everyone around. you get fuckin fired and thats what happened

  • Fly boulevard

    every dred head rapper single was a hit when drake dropped verse on it #futuretonymontana #wakaflocka #2chainznolie #migosversaceremix #lilwaynetoomanysongsforonehashtag

  • jeezus

    2 bitch niggas. doing bitch things.

  • Ra’Nique

    “Talking that shit wit ya bacc to me just know it get bacc to me…” LMAO…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Future WINS !!!

  • Future sucks.

  • DJ Coganc

    new rules. niggas aint hoes no mo. salute drizzy.

  • Skull Boi

    was he ever really kicked off? smh

  • GreenBergs

    lmao the ploy for publicity did not work at all…and was really fucking stupid, maybe one spec of drake’s audience will even care about future…

  • Respect

    Drake must’ve knew he would lose that lawsuit

    • The King

      I was looking for a smart response and i found one, applaud yourself. In the business world you can’t react on emotions, especially when contracts are involved. Drake is a prime example of someone who thinks with his senses and emotions rather than a rational mind. That’s why i can never hail him as the king of hip hop. To be a king you have to be Intelligent, Talented, strategic and exhibit Strength / power (e.g Jay-Z, Biggie, Diddy…etc). To kick someone off your tour because of a minor quote is a sign of weakness.

      ~There’s more than one way to skin a cat~

      The King

      • Respect

        Naw, but I feel him though, if Im putting someone on my tour dont disrespect my album in an interview right before the tours about to start, I actually applauded Drake for the move

        • The King

          I respect your opinion, but i disagree. There’s more than one way to put a person in check without looking weak. (E.g Jay-z /R kelly tour) <—- look it up.

          • Deya

            Look at the long run, Drake may have a lawsuit but at least he aint got some negative energy. plus have u seen future perform? shits pathetic.

  • Jose Perez

    I like how RapRadar didnt initally report once Future got the boot, probably cuz EW is constantly on Drake’s dick. But now that Future is back, it makes front page on RapRadar

    • TeF

      Ummm, da fuck you talking about? It did get reported once it was confirmed, I read about that shit here in the same hour the other sites reported it. Stop being corny, your shit’s inaccurate.

      • Jose Perez

        no its not. fuck off.

  • brza

    too bad for the concert goes

  • kanye west

    take him off again please.