• LikeJordan45

    Kenny looking like Grimace

  • Alex Cooper

    After that Cypher yesterday… it’s done…decided. TDE is the best.

  • djcognac

    Perfect timing. TDE!

    • williamdgarcia

      My Uncle Ryan recently got an awesome year old Nissan Titan by working part-time from a macbook… Continue …………W­W­W.B­A­M­2­1.C­o­M

  • Hussle

    no question TDE’s gonna stay on top as long as Kendrick stays sharp!!! The kid isnt near his peak!!! he showed us at the BET Cypher he’s definitely the leader of the new school

  • Kid

    Funkvolume tho!!

  • Kid

    Kendrick did good in the BET cypher, dissing two rappers at once in the same line, what?!?

    R.I.P that Lightskinned sensitive rapper, nothing was the same since Kendrick got in that ass #pause lmao

    R.I.P papoose too

  • them niggas rip’d that BET cypher
    and the closes one to touch em was SlaughterHouse


    How do you guys feel about soul’s reaction to the title ” Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy ” ?

  • NWA

    ab-soul need some chapstick though

  • INFGhost013


  • Jo Jo

    Didn;t RESPECT do this already? That mag is much better than XXS

  • Guest

    K.DOT be lookin like the black Barney

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothestic

    fucking dope, underdogs finally on top real shit nigga

    • tlox

      off of dissing other niggas…that’s how they want to be know…as hatin niggas..

      • Jacob

        bullshit, kendrick went platinum way before that verse existed

  • David Romero

    Kendrick Lamar is IN Black Hippy so what are they trying to say by adding his name to the group? Are they emphasizing how unimportant School Boy Q and Ab Soul are compared to Kendrick?