Drake On Q

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A Q, Q&A.

Before Drake hits the road tomorrow, he gave an hour long interview with host, Jian Ghomeshi. He discussed Nothing Was The Same, lyrical content, and everything in between.

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  • UIO

    Great interview.

  • uberfunny918

    I have a new found respect for this guy. He’s clearly an intelligent person and chooses to be himself.

    Great interview!

  • well

    The greatest.

  • haann

    Drake running the game right now

    • joe


      • haann

        lemme guess your a kendrick dron….Kendrick Lamar is the voice of the weird ass niggas

        • kingkendrick

          And Drake represents the soft ass niggas

          • haann

            lmfao when are drake haters gonna find a new joke to make fun of him, that whole drake soft thing has been old since 4 years ago

          • Jr

            Anyways why Drake “soft” kuz he rather sing than rap about a life he isn’t, most rappers rap about things that aint relevant in their lifes fakers!! Drake might sing but gets pussy nigga soft but gets Pussy hah while all these people talk hes just chilling.

  • uberfunny918

    I love the last question and his response.

    Again, amazing interview.

  • aintshit

    My nigga is the greatest doing it right now…..Fuck a Kendrick!

  • Guest

    My nigga is the greatest doing it right now…Fuck a Kendrick!

  • haann


  • sam

    The best numero uno, got his own lane and doing the most numbers

  • Hall

    lol the interviewer called tuscan leather old school im done

  • 86

    Im from Toronto and I never felt the Drake showed us love “last”..He’s the main reason why I can stay I’m from Toronto anywhere I go now..I “HATED” saying..Toronto..you know…Canada? Toronto, Ontario … Im just confused at Jian’s scrutiny…its just bizarre. I just not feeling the interview. Drake handled it very very well tho. I woulda punched his ass.

  • 86

    typo fix : Im from Toronto and I never felt that Drake showed us love ” last” He’s the main reason why I can say that I’m from Toronto anywhere I go now . I “HATED” saying…Toronto…you know..Canada? Toronto, Ontario… Im just confused at Jian’s scrutiny…its just bizarre. Im just not feeling that interview. Drake handled it very very well tho. I woulda pushed his ass. (I was heated..had to fix the typos)

  • Hall

    when interviewers have to ask if you lived in a white neighborhood or not that is NOT a good look drake lol. “i didnt have some mansion”

    • 86

      If the interviewer is from Toronto, he should know that even 3 intersections down from Forest Hill is Lil Jamaica…. Toronto is so multicultural…where Drizzy lived is not that serious.

  • Jr

    drake is the best people just hating because they wanna kiss ass to Kendrick, i mean Kendrick is not bad but Drake is better in all categories!! People need to relax on all the Drake joke, acting like they never did that at least Drake isn’t afraid to show or say what he feels/thinks. Kendrick control verse was directed towards Drake because he knows Drake isn’t going to respond…Drake aint going to give you publicity earn it the right way Kendrick is relevant right now mostly because of the control verse….

    • Haha

      I’m not trying to hate on Drake but Kendrick was platinum before control. I’m not comparing sells but Kendrick was already relevant. Also name a great hip hop artist who shrugs off a diss. I’m not talking a diss from a super underground dude but another platinum selling artist. Jay responded to nas. Rule responded to 50. Pac got at big. Shit biggie even put out who shot ya. Eminem went through it. LL I mean the list goes on. So that I don’t want to give him shine excuse is kind of dead. They both on top.

      • haann

        To compare drake and kendricks relevance is silly, Drake is clearly on a much larger scale of things then kednrick is right now, Kendrick is still the opening act on tours while drake is the headline for a 41 city tour. Mainstream wise kendrick is a mere dot on drakes radar

  • JuJu

    #1 in the game.

  • haann

    Kendrick Lamar is the voice of the weird ass nigga

  • robert miller

    Great interview by Drake. Poverty might be the worst rap name of all time. LOL. I can’t get over how bad that is.

  • 210_wizKid


  • The Incredible Creation

    They wanna be Kanye & Zane so bad… lol

  • veeseear

    “each song is a status update” AND “Every song is all me” to “i hate the gist of living your life on the internet”. sucker….