Mister Cee’s Eminem B-Day Mix

slim shady

Don’t You Wanna Grow Up To Be Just Like Me?

In light of Eminem’s 41st birthday today, Hot 97’s Mister Cee picked just a few of many of Slim Shady’s greatest hits. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 drops November 5. Happy Birthday Marshall.

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  • buddens

    FIRE!!! but i bet mister cee wanna suck his dick so badly

    • Michael Ibbett

      haha..But vice versa…My band video when he’s dressed up as a bitch…n mr cee recieving

    • 2cents

      you prolly jerk off to the thought of that (pause) you sick fuck…

  • GreenBergs

    silly faggot would ruin an eminem greatest hits run..

    • 2cents

      Have u ever touched a turntable in your life shit for brains?. If you can do a better mix, put it down, post it, and send us all the link..we’ll all let you know how it compares to mr Cee. SMFH

  • The Incredible Creation

    the disrespect! 😮 smh

  • Ebro

    mister cee loves the white dick too. Only cross dressers tho. get it straight.

    • Michael Ibbett

      How many video’s has Eminem cross dressed in? Mr Cee fuckin loves Eminem with a passion

    • 2cents


  • AllDay_HipHop

    Mister Cee always does a great job for the throwbacks at noon, this no different. The Finisher came thru for the Rap God! Happy Bday to the Goat


    THIS GUY IS DOPE. KILWAUKEE’S FINEST FORREALhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM1XWQRpq1U

  • Shipwreckdakota

    all these guys hating on cee. fuck y’all. disrespect a legend. dude said he ain’t gay, he just gets head by trans he don’t give it. fucking homophobic bitches.

    • Sliimefleee

      LMFAOOOOOO ^^^

    • 2 Cents

      Will all the real hiphop heads please stand up!!! Ship, you should be standing my dude!!

  • Cody

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  • MrSkeezyMak

    Damn they censor the word “gay” on the radio? The world is a bunch of PC fags these days.

  • LesterDaMolester

    censoring eminem is like going to a brothel for a hug

    • JoeJoe

      Haha right every other word is bleeped out. I’m listening to dead air here

  • JoeJoe

    “my middle finger won’t go down how do I wave?” LOL!

  • Hussle

    The RAP GOD deserved a better mix! C’mon Mister Cee

  • uberfunny918

    Mister Cee the Prositute Boys in Wigs hunter?

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    Fuck Eminem’s devil worshiping Larry Bird trash ass and anybody who likes EM!

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    Fuck Eminem’s devil worshiping Larry Bird trash ass and anybody who likes Em’!

    • your worst nightmare

      WOW…you stupid shit…I gotta ask…Is your uncle and dad the same person?

  • Cody

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  • PIMPJV187

    G.O.A.T. STOP HATING, “That means I’m on top of my game and it don’t stop
    Til my hip don’t hop anymore (shit)
    When you’re so good that you can’t say it
    ‘Cause it ain’t even cool for you to sound cocky anymore (shit)
    People just get sick cause you spit
    These fools can’t drool or dribble a drop anymore”

  • bleezy

    em’s the greatest

  • kakatoso
  • 2 Cents

    i never thought so many 12yr. old kids wit no kind of home training would be posting such dumb ass shit about mr. Cee an Em and dick sucking (pause). anyone who post stupid comments like that MUST have dick on their brain to always be posting moronic shit like that. MY NEW MOVEMENT IS CALLED…. “RESPECT THE CULTURE” which includes the people in it as well. (At least the people that make such huge impacts such as mr Cee, Em, ect…That doesnt mean u have to like what they do or how they live but atlesat have enough respect not to post such childish fucking bullshit. FIND A FUCKING HOBBY U WASTE OF LIFE !!