• Goten

    The hook on the original version is so fire. Rock stay bringing heat. Q killt this. And Nothing Was The Same.

  • ualreadyknoo

    jay roc tho

  • HipHopObama

    Isaiah is that deal. Interested in seeing his live show.

  • More Shots

    Jay Rock sent some shots at Drake lol

  • Nahhhh

    Jay Roc is the god damn truth. Dude needs to put out an album ASAP.

    • zak guffey

      the album he already has out is tight as shit…

  • Playboii


  • ROCK

    “Niggas know I’m king but they don’t wanna crown me,
    It’s okay, I ain’t about to whine about it”

  • That Nigga

    Wowwwww man this shit some flame!! They all kilt it fahreal fahreal. Not to mention January release date for Oxymoron??! The waits gunna blow but that album’s gunna be the truth

  • The Incredible Creation

    Dope. #TooManyFuckinRappers | https://soundcloud.com/too-many-fuckin-rappers

  • jilltheillest

    this isaiah kid sounds too much like kendrick…he needs to find his own flow

    • Jacob

      and how many songs have you heard from him?

  • Boss.

    Shulda put tha nigga ASAP Ferg on the mix. These niggas creating something serious tho

  • action fox

    jay rock bodied dat

  • Metaliceano

    My god Jay Rock is a fukin’ problem in the rap game, this nicca is on some other shit

  • Mahdy Mahd

    iLyke this music. iCud ryde to this & play it when everything is not okay… Q & Rashad flow was unique & they also said things iKnow about, relate to, & how iFeel most of the time. #Hip Hop

  • WOOO

    God Damn…Q went in :/

  • DIGGSY!!!

    rapradar bout to have as much traffic as thesource.com. prob 5 people

  • w33d RolL~iT