New Music: Smoke DZA “Obey Your Thirst”

obey yur thirst

Stay Thirsty My Friends.

Le Musica de Harry Fraud. For those parched for new music from Smoke DZA, he quenches the thirst with his latest track.

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  • The Incredible Creation
  • iknow

    wow . wtf? lol. anyways , HAYSTAK AND JELLY ROLL bout to drop
    Buisness as Usual. I dont understand WHY RR wont post these guys, maybe cuz there independent. maybe cuz they only post songs theyyy like. either way its fucked up. come on RR.

  • SDJJ

    wrong audio!

  • Brodie

    Yo. Where the fuck is that Kushed God audio?

  • DaFuqYouDidHere

    Rap Radar….wtf if going on? Yo do you need a new editor? If you gotta position open, holla at cha boy. Shit, I can’t spell real well, but atleast I can put up the correct audio. 2 for 2 today fellas, keep up the amazing work your doing over there!
    Peace – The Future Of This Shit

  • DIGGSY!!!

    where are the regular commentors? oh yeah they saw this new format and bounced

  • gtfo

    Just got catfished.

  • Rambo

    wrong audio still 2 days in?!?!?

  • cj7744

    The SMOKE DZA – Obey Your Thirst (Prod. By Harry Fraud) song is on the Surf School Recordings SoundCloud profile.