Drake & Future Begin Tour In Pittsburgh


Along With Jhené Aiko, Miguel & Special Guest, Wiz Khalifa.

Last night, Drizzy rolled out the first show of his Would You Like A Tour tour at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Despite the controversy, Future was re-added to the show and supported the opening act along with PARTYNEXTDOOR, Jhené Aiko and Miguel. During Drizzy’s set, he brought the Burgh’s own Wiz Khalifa.  Here are a few highlights from Word On Road.

Wiz Khalifa – “Black & Yellow”

“From Time” with Jhené Aiko

“Come Thru”

“Come Thru” (Outro) with Jhené Aiko

“Pound Cake”

“Tuscan Leather” (Verse 1)

“Tuscan Leather” (Verse 3)

Future – “Honest”

“Furthest Thing” and “Wu-Tang Forever”

“Own It”


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  • Terence Lipps

    Concert seems legit, long way from comeback season.

  • Chan

    did he just copy kanye on the elavated stage?????????

    • haann

      You do know kanye isnt the only artist in history to use a elavated stage right ? lmao come on man

  • Hussle

    on some real shit, all jokes aside, Drake should be signing all these mufuckaz he brings on tour LMAO!!! he got all these rappers/singers do arena tours when he could bring anybody else lol

  • Sam Robilotta

    concert looks doope! Wiz too, damn crowd went crazy

  • tlox

    Damn Drake fans get the best shows for real!!!

  • HeyBuddy

    I don’t think he copied Kanye on that stage, if he would’ve had elevated boxes with screens on them like WTT then it be different.

    But I know thing he did bite, is Jay Z’s thank you and individual shout outs at the end of the concert. Jay was the first to do that since BP3 tour.

    Concert looks good. Can’t wait San Antonio, Tx

    • tlox

      allot of artist do that from every genre shout outs are the thing to do…smh…we can say that Kanye copied T-Pain on the overdoing of auto-tune…so on and so on…everyone copies shit…Jay ain’t original…no hate just sayin

  • DIGGSY!!!

    i gotta type my name every time i leave a comment now. old format saved my name and i could talk shit on here all day with ease

  • Guest

    didnt sell out

  • WayneLamar

    concert looks dope

  • WayneLamar

    he forgot some of his words ha

  • mac propane

    I thought the stage was going to be a box of tissues haha

  • Drake is the best rapper alive period. nobody can outsell him. fuck Pusha T, that broke ass nigga