New Video: Lil Durk “Bang Bros”

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 9.21.59 PM

Bang Bang.

Don’t worry, it is safe for work. But this still would have been more suitable filmed in a white van. Off that Signed To The Streets, which can be scooped up for free over here.

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  • • Haze

    2014 should be nice for Durk.

  • Δbdou Sene عبده سيني

    Durk is the best out of Chiraq after Lil Bibby

    • Tryingtobehappy

      rocky fresh and chance are better than all these retarded niggas

  • GreenBergs

    lil herb and lil bibby up next..

  • Tryingtobehappy


  • Tryingtobehappy

    guys like this film a white girl getting out of a car around a bunch of niggas like she’s a goddess, then wonder why white people are held in a higher regard

  • JuJu




  • tragedy


  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    Would some NIGGER in “Chiraq” kill this NIGGER already! Where’s the NIGGER who beat up and robbed DJ Nate when NIGGERS need him???

  • this shit is better den Deltron 3030 and Black Milk.. jus sayin


  • mrcorleone4

    when u perform I wonder how the shows be when the autotunes is off I seen the performance on Sway in the morning that shit was huff jo!!!! stop wit the auto tunes brah and just spit u got bars nigga damn nobody hating the industry laughing at u at us at the city u got the opportunity to do sumthing chief keef druggy ass cant do spit nigga spit that shit nigga I know u read this shit spit brah, ill ride wit u but that autotune shit is horrific im sorry it aint about me being old or none of that weak shit u tell yourself its about whats popping and whats irrelevent u want a few fans or the world that shit aint poppin overseas!!!!! u got that shit brah u can make it happen just drop that fucking auto tunes and spit nigga…peace