• Mr. Harwell


  • R

    Fruitty Fa g boy will make it he banged a lot of powerful white men and wore a lot of pink. Dont believe me search for all his gay pics in google not hard to find get ready for Diddy to turn out the next gen he already cornered the market to kill us with his Ciroc liquor.

  • Nigga Diddy said …CRAY CRAY LMFAO…. Pianos is on FIRREEE!!!! I need Diddy to do another comedy role asap! #RevoltCable #TIMELESS

  • HeyBuddy

    It’s sad to say, but Kanye was right when he told us on Zane Lowe interview, that “they” are just rap artists. But then again I could be wrong. Maybe this will be the link to playing hot music and not just all mainstream music. What I mean is that such a powerful network as Time Warner will say you could only play this, and play that.

    But that is one big step for a rap mogul as Diddy. Idk who is such a revolutionary for Hip Hop rt now, Diddy or Jay? I know I won’t be watching.

  • Naz

    Diddy really making a BIG pioneer move with this one!
    This is going to be the new outlet for hip hop and a place for new artist to step into the mainstream world without actually going mainstream! Smart move Diddy, smart man. #Salute

  • Dashing28

    Yeah Salute to Diddy for this. It’s big for hip hop. Now, if people would stop hating on the man and support the culture y’all would realize that it’s a great look. Or would yall rather continue to support networks that don’t have black people in positions of power?

  • Johnnie Rawker

    Culture vulture. Submit anything to Revolt and give up all ownership rights. That goes from up and coming to mainstream artist. Will he be creating content or just “sharing” the work of others.