Jesus Visits Kanye West In Seattle

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White Jesus: Poison. 

Holy Shit. Kanye West kicked off Yeezus tour last night in Seattle with opening act, Kendrick Lamar. Before delving into “Jesus Walks”, he was greeted by an actor portraying God’s only begotten son. Until the real Jesus returns to Earth, here’s film of their 90 second encounter.

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  • Pete Dorsett

    alrighty then.

  • LesterDaMolester


  • FuckBDot

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    • Sam Robilotta

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    • TheKing

      He’s not hating, he’s telling the truth! Jesus was a man of color, if you portray him in any other way you are sending a false message. A false message to an uninformed person is counter productive (poison).

    • M Gar

      Or all of you could stop trippin and just go listen to Nas’ What Goes Around and find that exact quote…

  • Anita

    Context is everything.

    Before Kanye West performed “Jesus Walks,” he brought out a Jesus look-alike and had a playful conversation with him. The crowd certainly got a laugh out of it. Kanye asked: “White Jesus, is that you?” Oh, shit,” before playfully apologizing for
    his language. Jesus then told ‘Ye that he’s not here to punish him, but to help
    him. As Jesus exited, the lights dimmed and “Jesus Walks” blared through the
    speakers as Kanye got into his 2004 hit single.

    Jesus would later return at the end of the show, appearing at the top of the
    mountain. Kanye and the women performers onstage bowed to Jesus while the
    sample from “On Sight”—Holy Name of Mary Choral Family’s “Sermon (He’ll Give Us What We Really Need)”—looped until they walked off the stage and the show


      Thanks for the recap. What was the crowd response.

  • 7thEmerson

    Tread lightly.

  • Kanye is the worst artist of all time! he is just trying to copy Lil Wayne since Tha Carter III dropped… Weezy started to use auto-tone, then this unoriginal nigga made a full auto-tune album. Kanye sucks. YMCMB is the best label, no doubt.

    P.S. I would rap better on YEEZUS beats…. check my recent music niggas


    • mac DIESEL

      co-sign my nigga. I love your music, it inspired me to be a better rapper. I hope YMCMB will sign you one day. you deserve the best my nigga. so much talent really.

    • LesterDaMolester

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      • 7thEmerson

        This was one of the resident trolls from HipHopDX. I think this one still operates under Dentaldamboy or something to that effect. Pay him no mind. Its because of users like such that DISQUS got implemented in the first place

    • JRobz

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  • yeah

    this is nuts lol. but gitd was gitd because shit glew in the dark so i mean, you gotta say well executed kanye lol

  • Anonymous

    How the FUCK can he make fun of THE LORD like that? I hope God will forgive him…

  • I think Kanyes walking a thin line. He may have good intentions but when your on a platform promoting sin which in the Christian bible is anti-Christ like then bring an actor on stage that rep. Jesus, it shows your conviction but at the same time it shows the contradiction.


      “God is not the author of confusion…” 1 Corinthians 14:33

  • Omar Hameen


  • Abe6772

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    • Coney

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      I think he flipped out when moms died

    • YoureAFuckingIdiot

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  • tlox

    Fuck this I’m going to a Drake and Jay Z tour…K.Dot backstage thinking ‘what have I gottin myself into?!?’


      Probably did

  • TimeChange

    if i seen a White Jesus before me i would know it’s the devil in the flesh.

  • mac DIESEL

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    ……..THAT IS ALL!!!!

    • the nigga that merked mac D

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  • leedel castro

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  • Streets Buchanon

    Dudes get too invested in their emotions in this comment section geesh

  • haann

    Kanye has finally lost his marbles ladies and gentlemen

  • Danial Parsa


  • that guy

    there is a reason why eminem is on the background of this website… that is all

  • Naz

    Ye is definitely walking a thin line with this one but he hasn’t crossed it. He is all about art and making you visualize everything that he does so I have no beef with Ye doing this. Some may say its blasphemes but I don’t think he is mocking Jesus just using him as a reference. Some people take things way too serious and make it seem like something it is not.

  • kanye west

    jesus is black. facts only

  • Andre Kelly

    Kanye know damn well Jesus isn’t white man!

  • titus tucker

    This comment section was the best/worst thing that ever happened to RapRadar..

  • LesterDaMolester

    kanye the type of nigga to show up late to a funeral and say “its ok everybody dont cry im here now i was just a lil late”

  • @TCKClothingApparel

    #Creativity ..Love it

  • I get the message but it was a little corny.

    Elevator Music Video :

  • Devonte

    It’s official, He’s lost his damn mind smh


    Yeezy doin’ too much