New Music: Childish Gambino “3005”


So Far Ahead Of His Time.

It’s obviously not going to take 1000 years to see the release of Childish Gambino’s album, Because The Internet. But for now, he releases a new track in support of the project. As with most Gambino songs, his metaphors and similes are pretty banal. Consider a line like , “Girl why is you lyin’ why are you Mufasa” as fair warning.

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  • Mt

    This is Elliot Wilson cuffing music.

  • West West

    B.Dot why you pick on a half decent artist and not on the DJ Khaled ft. MMG and YM… ohh yes they the only ones who pay the $50 000 ads on rapradar! GTFOH

    • JuJu

      for real lol, every mmg post deserves to be made fun of.

    • there is a fucking Eminem add fuck boy. YMCMB and MMG are da best labels. salute RIcky Rozay and Young Mulllaahahah Baby


      • Shipwreckdakota

        this guy… TDE/Shady Rec/G.O.O.D runnin’ shit.

  • the dang dog truth

    banal? this song fresh as fuck. guess you mad some cliche rapper like weezy isnt attached.

  • JS

    greatly under appreciated. far from “banal”

  • John John

    the audacity of a macklemore fan to say that most of gambino’s songs are “banal”…. sheesh.

    • Ironical

      Correction young sir, not Bino’s songs, but his metaphors and similes.. And as a CG fan, if u go back, they very much are – with exceptions of course – but he packs them together so tightly it works for him.

  • Jdot

    Rapradar is like the radio of the internet… Not to mention all the content can be found on other sites – and most the time are late wit it lol. Where is the original content YN spewed about in all his interviews 🙁

  • JuJu

    nice vibe

  • Lateef

    I agree with B Dot tho… It’s ok. The similes and metaphors are weak. Because of his celebrity has made his music relevant before he really got good at it. Wre watching him recording in a room at the computer basically….

  • this nigga is just a depressing dude with no life or success. Drake and Lil Wayne are much better den this loser. stop copying Weezy and Drizzy bitch ass nigga. CG sucks!!!!!


    • Shipwreckdakota

      No life or success? lol

  • slik101

    Fuck B.Dot and anyone that love him

  • A Man From Houston

    Gambino is some of the best content B.Dot has been putting up period the rest is just commercial shit that you hear about somewhere else first

  • XO Gear

    Borrowed Drake, Ye, and Meek Mill flows all in one song..

  • Jimmy ValenTime

    Troy would eat him alive in a battle ….

  • The Association of Chronos

    Shots again huh? This website did the same thing when the song “Silk Pillow” feat. Beck was released, yet Wayne’s music is thrown on here without ANY sign of shot. The latest with Paris deserved a slick remark but, this does not. Gambino puts out great music. Was the line corny? Yeah sure of course but, as I always tell people I get into a conversation with, “How can you judge Tupac during just the Death Row era and say what he is as a person? You have to take into account the WHOLE career and life of a man before you can judge. Not just 9 months”……. Anyway, can’t wait to cop the album. Gambino is one of my favorites and, that movie “Clapping for the wrong reasons” was odd, weird, eccentric, crazy, but nonetheless dope…..

  • Brandon Hill

    Nigga you like Macklemore. FOH B.Dot. This is one of the coldest niggas there is when it come to punch lines.

  • Anonymous

    Banal? You know Wayne has BANAL lines when there’s Twitter accounts posting generic bars that Lil Wayne would rap but I don’t see you sayin anything bout that

  • Donn

    Drake’s influence is heavy in the industry

    • bill

      Yes because Drake Is the first Rapper to ever rap and sing on track. No one ever did this before Drake go into the game lol really?

    • JuJu

      rappers have been singing since hip-hop has existed dude.

  • soulife

    Its kinda bullshit rap radar made the site waaaaay more inconvenient just to get a few more clicks from their fans, cmon man.

  • bill calling anyone “banal” is cute but whatever. just post the songs nigga no one wants your critque take that shit to pitchfork.

  • veeseear

    no third verse? boo

  • titus tucker

    Anything with B.Dot’s name on it gets the Kevin Hart face after that Juan Ep interview.. lol #Nodisrespecttobdot #Alldisrespecttobdot

  • Lucas

    banal? yea that line was corny, but you cant say that all of CGs metaphors lack originality, i guess your just too dumb to understand them. B. dot is mad because CG is dope at more than one thing e.g. writing, acting, comedy, and rapping… barely gets noticed as being a blogger and elliot wilsons bitch

  • D-Twice

    Yeah B.Dot I used to respect you. Now I know you’re just a cornball brotha.

  • My Name Is My Name

    I think it’s time to look for a new blog.Ya’ll ride on DJ Khaled and officer Ricky’s dick all day long and never say a word about Wayne’s wack ass lyrics but when there is finally an artist trying something new and sounding better than half the shit you post you just label him as banal. Fuck ya’ll your website is banal as hell with a complete lack of originality.

  • jijkdijew

    cant front i had to look up the definition of banal

  • Jay

    Fuck you b. dot. Lost respect, your a mainstream fan. Fuck outa here, you lost sight of what true hip hop is.