New Music: Yelawolf & DJ Paul “Light Switch”


Get Ya Shine On.

Yelawolf and DJ Paul announced a season ago they were combining forces for the Rock infused album, Black Fall. The LP is expected to drop on Halloween, but for now, here’s their lead off hit produced by Paul.

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  • Rival

    its set to be released on oct 31st…

  • Bangers N Mash

    Yela said October 31 for the release

  • Bangers N Mash

    As for the song, we get it Yela you can rap over rock beats. I wanna hear some raw straight hip hop from you though

  • Someone

    Idk dont mind the rock beats at all its cool to see him be able to spit on several types of beats and well… this is dope.

  • shady2.0

    after Em retires he will be No1

  • why are these niggas so wack? DJ Paul is irrelevant and Yelawolf has no swag, he is just a corny ass whiteboy from da suburbs. smh. Lil Wayne is the true legend here


    • shady2.0


    • Luke1the3Duke

      racist motherfckers like you irrelevant
      i’ll bump this shit loud as fck in your neighborhood just for the fck of it


  • AJ

    dope joint.. can’t hate on it.
    that beat on these dre beats goes hard!

  • basedgenie

    yela is so underrated!!! can’t wait for Love Story

  • phresh koolaid

    this shit hard, paul iz such an underrated producer

  • MBz


  • Reginald

    Check this artist out also from Alabama…He’s a one man Outkast…Trust Me On This One –

  • Reginald
  • K

    This shit dopeeee! Yela will put wack rappers in they places.

  • James Milnor
  • Tanya

    I don’t like those who doesn’t know how to comment. It is evident that you don’t belong with us, because we here don’t know what you are talking about. It is unbelievable that there are people who are talking, and it’s unbelievable that there are people who doesn’t know how to speak the important. It’s funny, someone is pathetic, I’m not smiling right now, I’m not pleased.