Young Guru Teaches First Class At USC

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Class Is In Session.

Sharing his music production expertise, artist-in-residence Young Guru gave his first lecture at the University of Southern California and here’s a recap of his lesson. Listen up, Trojans.

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  • 7thEmerson

    Black excellence

  • bigg rome

    More like Black slaves. He should be in a ghetto school TEAACHING BLACK KIDS

    • Tev Milli

      I agree with you to a point but you should know how kids are in those type of schools


      How do you know he doesn’t?

  • HeyBuddy

    I’m sorry it was soo hard to finish watching that. Kids in the hood don’t have that luxury. We have to grind and hustle. Really work for what we have. It’s so funny to see how all these kids in the clip are “so amazed” at how Guru is so talented and crafted at what he does.

    He’s a Music magician! He hustled! He worked hard to get to where he is now, shit didn’t happen over night. Idk I’m still old school when it comes to this shit. Be a man/ strong woman. Make your own lane FK all that other crap.

  • NesOne

    You’re just upset to see a minority do things you cant. I did find it funny all the white people at USC were surprised he spoke clearly and was organized. Closet racists!

    • HeyBuddy

      No I’m am not jealous or salty about that, a minority myself can’t be. I am all for people doing what he’s doing. Knocking down the door they don’t let you in. So don’t go speaking about something you have no clue about.

    • heybud … NEW KANYE?????!!!!

    • heybud … NEW KANYE?????!!!!

  • NesOne

    That goes to show how much you know. My comment wasn’t directed toward you. It was the genius that posted two hours ago. You should take your own advice before responding buddy

  • Is it me or does that room look shabby though? Granted there’s a plethora of Macs but still…thought it would be in an auditorium or something.


    This is dope.

  • I understand this nigga is trying to be intelligent, but when will he or Old Guru be as good artist as Lil Wayne? never….


  • Ghostra Nostra

    This is dope!

  • RIV