New Video: Hopsin “Hop Is Back”

hop is back

Back Like He Never Left.

Bullies can be so cruel. But in his new theatrical release, it’s Hopsin who gets the last laugh. Download the single on iTunes here.

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  • The Incredible Creation

    Hey Shady Records ^^^

  • mac UNLEADED

    nice, glad you guys posted this, not many indie artists have hustled as hard as this fool. I like hop’s lyrics and ability but cause he produces all his own beats with fruity loops they sound really unprofessional. this song is a BIG improvement from his last album but it still sounds a little amateur.

    @theincrediblecreation:disqus: is it worth telling you that paul rosenberg follows hop on twitter?

    • Jon b

      That makes no sense.. Half the producers in the game use FL studio.

      • mac UNLEADED

        it really makes perfect sense dude. I said “he makes his own beats with fruity loops and they sound unprofessional”


        “all beats made with fruity loops sound unprofessional”

        go listen to his older stuff if you haven’t already and you’ll see how cheap the beats sound. he’s trying to re create those early 2000’s shady/aftermath sounds but it doesn’t sound anywhere near as good

        • Jon B

          I’m actually a big fan of his older work. He’s one the very few dope MC’s that produces all of his own music. He gets better with time and that’s all that you can ask for in an artist. I respect your opinion but I salute him for trying to creating his own sound. This song is sick, just give it some time. I suggest you listen to his entire album before you proceed to criticize his ability as a producer.

        • audioking

          Bro u obviously dont know much about audio. Fruity Loops doesnt make u less unproffesional. The reason FL sounds bad is because previous versions of FL until FL10 came out midi data didn’t go higher then 32 bit. Now its 64 bit just like most other DAW. I use Maschine but like most people I started producing on FL. Ain’t nothing wrong with FL as long as you dont use the stock sound. If u know music theory and how to produce and mix beats how to route FL or Maschine, MPC, or whatever ur poison is to outboard gear or a mixer or even Pro Tools or Logic Pro then there is no reason for it to sound unprofessional. Most of Drakes beats produced by dude “40” are made on FL and thats cuz i can recognize the 32 bit of data…the same beats he made on FL were #1 on Billboard Top40. Get ya facts straight next time before u get schooled by an audio nerd. Got bachelor degree in audio production.

          • mac UNLEADED

            ur an idiot dude. I DO know a lot about audio. just cause I dissed your boyfriend hopsin doesn’t mean you have to get all butthurt. read my 2 comments again and see that I wasn’t dissing fruity loops… I was dissing hop’s ability to use it. seriously dude some learn to read things carefully before you go keyboard warrior.

            listen to 9th wonder or your other boyfriend 40’s beats and tell me they aren’t vastly superior to hop’s synthy early 2000 shady records copies. the other 2 make awesome beats on fruity loops, and hop made alright beats before considering he totally taught himself. now they’re better than before but they still don’t sound 100% right.

  • Jon b

    Dope as fuck! Cant wait for knock madness

  • Chronic

    It’s alright, made for highschool kids but other than that it’s alright. I almost hope kendrick drops a line back somewhere though cause hopsin isn’t anywhere close to his level

  • nirusxhonda

    eminem or somebody should sign this dude but let him keep his identity because he can flow and he speak some real and funny stuff.

  • ydoyoucare

    Hopsins dope hope Kanyes bitch ass will come back with somethin lol

  • brza

    hope this kid can back it up lyrically bc he just went at two of the biggest names in Hip Hop. contacts and doorags smh music for children

    • pookie

      his entire career is based off mentioning other rappers to get attention.

  • Jack Hoff

    Corny ass raps. He’s always trying to diss somebody.

  • j.brew Check this out for some bars

  • JMcL

    only way hopsin gets attention is by callin ppl out. and none of them will ever respond either smh

  • Skull Boi


  • Skull Boi


  • HiuTex713

    kendrick fans are hurt, callin this nigga corny when k dots made up voice is mad corny

  • Limb0

    hopsin knows he gets attention when he name drops like this.

    he’s got bars but its a shame people will just call him a hater

  • Link24
  • Link24


  • Link24
  • Reginald
  • soldsole

    …this eminem wannabe. i cannot stand “rap” like this this…where is that HIP HIP shit at? where is that story telling ART? LYRICAL SLAUGHTER? this im a bad ass shit is too corny for me….this guy and his disney channel friends/actors

  • Kewl Aid

    Real as fuck like always setting the industry straight we need real rap not that I’m so rich bullshit we all know y your rapping so y repeat it over n over bitches n cash isn’t rap its all bout the struggle n what it took to get out hop inspires me n a lot of other ppl trying to get their voice heard n has a huge influence on my music keep it up dnt stop ur helping a lot of ppl like me