Young Scooter Prison Release Video


Welcome Home Scooter.

After six months of lock down, Young Scooter was release 3 weeks ago from the Dekalb County Jail. MTV has footage of him leaving from the facility into the open arms of family and friends.

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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    I bet Hector & Isabella are happy. lol.

  • nicholas

    If scooter got released 3 weeks ago why did it just get brought up yesterday?

  • Nahhhh

    According to the gang signs looks like he’s going back into a great environment. Back in prison in 3 weeks.

  • KayandGee

    great news! street lottery mixtape one of the best trap mixtapes of the year

  • Neal

  • djdoit

    unfortantly i’ve been in this jail. Georgia Jails Fucking SUCK! I’m white and they treat everyone like shit there. Georgia is one of the most Racist places on the map

    • ShitYouNeedToKnow

      Totally irrelevant but if they treat everyone like shit how are they racist?

      • Good point. In fact, treating everyone like shit is the highest form of equality!

    • Guillaume Pilon


      every jails treat prisonners like shit

  • jurs

    Dont glorify prison and street life and then say black folks got to do better.


  • The Incredible Creation

    I mean…. is he ever gonna drop an album tho? =/ *shurgs*

  • Jonathan Cephas

    He was released from Hamilton County Justice Center in Cincinnati, OH. And it wasnt 3 weeks ago, it was this week.

  • Keith

    wait through a 25 second commercial for 17 seconds of footage? this is young scooter, its not Dr. Dre or Snoop. Waste of bandwidth on your page elliott.

  • Reginald
  • Lincoln’s bullet

    Hope that wasn’t his son he gave that weak ass hug to…smh…