New Music: Chamillionaire “Pound Cake (Freestyle)”


Cake Cake Cake.

There’s more than enough pie to go around. So with that said, Chamillionaire is the latest MC to get a serving of Drake and Hov’s beat. Poison on the way.

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  • The Good Son

    Chamilli on a mission but Lupe Fiasco done burnt this beat already

  • Alex

    Roof, I know you hear them dogs barking. He went in hard.

  • Kelly The Best!


  • orlando ordaz

    i like it swayed different from drakes approach but that what makes it so dope

  • Ruslan Khalaev

    Background sounds are great. Wow. 😀

  • J


  • Mistabig

    Don’t sleep on Cham yo! Been doin his thang!! This isn’t my favorite freestyle he’s released lately but better than the junk playin on the radio these days

  • baldish

    dope as hell

  • Jae

    this is steaksauce…

  • illmatic73

    dope song

  • BWizzle

    Ughh I Need Poison.

  • Teodor

    Chams freestyle’s better that Drake’s. Can’t wait for Poison. Chamillitary mayne!

  • LordTyler

    Cham bringin the heat. My favorite out of everyone who’s gone over this beat

  • Brian Cockrell

    Album quality stuff on a freestyle, Poison should be a classic

  • Sipan Kazaryan

    Koopa killed it and he ain’t even tryin.. HA! Poison on the way mayne

  • TheKidBrian

    Cham sounds hungry. You can hear it in his voice.

  • BJLJ

    It’s never a dull day when Cham drops content and this is no exception. Perfect for vibin in the night.

  • aBallerDotCom

    Already MANE!!!

  • aBallerDotCom


  • Warren Welds

    You can’t listen to this and say it’s not sick!

  • Ede O.

    i’ve heard most of the ‘pound cake’ remixes and Cham def did better than all of em… cham, lupe, and childish (in that order) for me

  • The 256

    Very dope, Cham always stays bringing the heat!

  • Stephen T.

    a lot of people gettin on this song but i think cham’s done it the best so far … nicely done!

  • KrisKross

    That Rude Awakening line was so dope.

  • TheLizard


  • Chase Fields

    Chamillionaire is by far the best rapper alive and one of the greats

  • Juanmiguel

    Cham straight killed it. “They sleeping on me could hope that they never wake again/But they gotta be sleep when you’re planning a rude awakening”

  • Rhyme Killa

    I think that this freestyle is better then other on this instrumental.

  • James Lewis

    it’s the name they say is running the game chamillitary mayne

  • James Lewis

    now this is that straight fire

  • Luigi

    This freestyle is a killer! Cham destroyed the beat. The hooks and the flow are dope.

  • J-White


  • Don

    Koopa killed it, dope!

  • Kaleeb

    Dope song!

  • Peanut

    Love it

  • Peter

    Cham & Lupe both did their thing

  • nekro

    good song

  • aBallerDotCom

    Better than the original

  • Hiphop aint dead yet!

    Holy fucking lawd!
    Chamillionaire, you still legendary mah brother! Keep it up man, You flow, style n lyrics are of the higher levels. This comes from a long time Nas, Evidence, Logic,GangStarr and Jedi Mind Tricks fan!