Rick Ross Speaks On New Jay Z Collabo

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For the last six years, Rick Ross and Jay-Z have made beautiful music together. And with Mastermind arriving in December, he tells Sway that he and Hov have another collaboration called, “The Devil Is A Lie”. Without giving too many details, Ross says the song is, “what the streets need”. Stay tuned.

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  • bumpy johnson

    yep they always make dope records whenever they come together . the first maybach music pt1 still their best collabo to date in my opin ………….

  • HeyBuddy

    Something I find funny with major Rap artists is that (IMO IDK what it’s like behind closed doors) they don’t demand the very best from their collaborator. Kanye told Pusha he needs more douchebag for runaway, and he got it.

    I just don’t know why jay doesn’t demand the very best out of Ross on these tracks. I think Ross is at that point rt now, to where the streets are listening, but he comes out with fire “every other” song. But I could be wrong.

    • wow

      all opinions are our own… i am one of the people that believes jayz hasnt been as good as he can be lately…is magna carta still in rotation on your ipod? well its not on mine…and ironically the only song we still hear 3 and a half monthes later is “youknowigotit” …what tracks has Ross not been good on with Jay?

      • dadankness

        I listen to crown way more than any song with ross(aside from his first album before I found out he is a lie just like he says in his new song that is what the devil is..) I can’t stnd that such a faker is considered king of the streets.. It saddens me and every one who has messed with any amount of dope(except for the small small timers who like to boast and brag like they doin something when really they just get it for their friends and pinch out they sacks.. that is what Rick Ross is comparable to.. someone who pinches out of dime/dub sacks($30/$60)

      • john

        dude name a rap album thats better then Jay’s this year? jay doesnt put out songs for the radio really anymore unless its with an collab with another artist and still he really doesnt do it then. maybe…all opinions are your own but your crazy if that album isnt a classic

        • zion

          nas album is better and C4 on some levels

        • rickyunos

          best of the year hands down!

    • zion

      u r

  • CanYouAllHearMe


  • WaffleColoredNegro


  • C. Black

    Patiently waiting. Game is about to be dropped.

  • C. Black

    Bet ya’ll its gonna be on some “poor decisions” type shit. Artists slowly starting to feed the community with real game, I can smell it comin, our community needs it bad.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William L. Roberts didnt get the memo his rap career is over. MMG is a joke. YN at one point in time said MMG is like ROC hahaha. The mastermind album will flop. Yet again is wasting $$ on this dude.

    • MaDD MaXx

      Get the hate out ya blood your entire face is turning red and pink.

  • CanYouAllHearMe


  • Rgeezy

    Should be called ” I am a lie.”

  • MaDD MaXx

    According to whites online if you spent year as a CO when you were 19 it means you are “fake” thank heavens that real street dudes like JayZ, Nipsey, Pusha T & Yo Gotti ain’t that naive or we would have missed some great collabs this year with them and Ross.

    Ross was the only rapper on JayZs last album so it looks like Jay is returning the favor.

    • The whites don’t think that and real street niggas don’t fuck with that shit

      • stressfree27

        real street niggas dont comment on blogs either. cause they’re in the street. so that makes u…..

        • For one thing that had nothing to do with my comment and number 2. you don’t know me. Don’t get it twisted that every nigga on a comment board is some gump ass nigga,I ain’t here to prove to you my resume or rapsheet, I’m easily found @Loch121:disqus and all over. Niggas know me, but IDK you



  • nirusxhonda

    ross and jeezy the only 2 southern artist jay-z so songs with heavy because jeezy was on bp3 now ross on mchg hov must still have a cool relationship with both.http://superkicks88.yourlikes.com/

  • RIV

    Can’t wait to hear that….. Jay stays relevant by being on the most relevant artist albums…if that makes any sense…and that’s a smart move…. come check out the new music video “The Good Die Young 2k13” in 720/1080p HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vp8lj_Smpw and s/o to rapradar for letting me get my shit off….we hustlin..