• Ave

    Nipsey that dude man, I respect this man’s hustle 100%. He know the game for real, aint fakin’ out here like a LOT of these dudes in the rap game. You can’t be less than a 100 in any hood in America, and still be looked at as a MAN. But you gotta lot of rap dudes out here being half a gangsta. I aint in no way condoning gang life, or the street mentality, I can just relate more to a dude that aint fakin for sales, or cameras in his face. The West Coast keep producing authentic gems for the game, and he’s one of em. Respect, brah.

    • Mezz

      Preach. couldn’t of said it better myself. respect and fuck with Nips music!

  • TheKing


  • RIV

    Hussle in the house….

  • Marley71

    Going to check out the book “Contagious”, thank you Nipsey. Not a big fan of his music, just getting into it, but commend him. The 10 minute or so “True” intro to Crenshaw was inspirational. Glad to see how he’s appreciated in the neighborhood.

  • Ghost of Tupac

    his new interviews have been so on point but the music kinda sucks. Homeboy can rap, but his content is weak. If he rapped with the same content/ferocity as his interviews he might be on the road to being prolific but instead he say the
    SAME dumb shit all these other rappers do, MINUS a FEW worthy words sprinkled here & there…

    I’ll pass on homie music

  • JDR

    they need to do a juan Epstein on him asap