Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Deluxe Cover & Tracklist

5515 Em cvr_EdtDLX_1kpx

16 Ain’t Enough.If you’re looking to spend some extra coin on November 5th, here’s the deluxe version of The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The five bonus songs feature new jacks Jamie N Commons and Sia. Get familiar.

5515 Eminem Dlx_Explicit_inlay-1

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  • xxx

    i feel like this cover may say more about the album then the standard issue



    • jj

      how so?

  • Yo Mommas Weedplant

    im gonna smoke a sack of weed when i listen to this album for the 1st time.

  • Dashing28

    Remember remember the 5th of November. 21 songs.That bodes well since I’m ehh on 2 of the 3 that came out. There’s still another 19. If there’s 12 hot joints out of that 19, I’m good.

  • JMcL


  • tpayas

    What happen to the skit(s) that were supposed to be on the Deluxe Edition? The Ken stuff?

    • GreenBergs

      why yall niggas wanna hear a nigga blowing another dude again so bad…

  • Mykal

    Jamie N Commons is dope. Miss the days when labels let you put out close to 20 tracks on a standard album. Oh well…looking forward.

    • twitterless

      They always let you put out as many as you want. The artist only gets paid for 11 songs(thats the max that any record label will pay out the ten cents per song. (something to that effect I can’t remember school from two years ago) fter the first 11 songs its up to the artist to put more out.. I.E. that cheap bastard rick ross only gave his fans 11 songs on that CD that had the song with BMF on it or whatever. Fucking faggot.

      • Mykal

        So artists who exhaust their whole album budget quickly end up with less songs? Makes sense. The price of “good” production has gone up then

        • twitterless

          Eh its just more so becoming prevalent because so many artists want to sell on itunes rather in stores since cd players are becoming irrelvant(once again I can’t remember everything from the classroom) A good example is mac miller selling something like 100,000 copies digitally(on his first album) and only 30,000 copies as a hard copy.. It has to do with the youth also steering away from cds but this shit will sell so many copies.

  • dadankness

    This album will rape.. I’ve seen on amazon dot com the uk version has a skit for wicked ways and the return of ken kaniff skit? any truth to this? will I have to buy 2 albums or download the second? The fucks up rapradar? Get some actual rap on your radar and report on this shit instead of what that fat fuck rick ross is doing.. so happy eminem has declined him a feature ever since rick ross said thats who he wants to work with most 🙂

  • spliffyjones

    Is this him looking at his old house from the back of a maybach? If so thats dope.. That also means that all the fan boys and fags that want it to sound like MMLP the first one are wrong.. Its just his views on the world presently the second time around and its going to be pretty fucking awesome.(him viewing it from the back of a bad ass car is pretty dope.. this will be much better than the boring recovery nd yelling fiasco bad meets evil.) so much thought is put into this shit it is leagues bove everyones.. Especially drakes choosing to rip Biggies style and make it his own which he didnt(even though that album isnt that bad its just all the lyrics are soft as hell but the beat selection was fantastic.)

  • WTF

    Man the first 2 singles were whack. Rap god is ok. hope the rest is gold. I don’t understand why he didn’t work with any rappers besides K dot. Not even a SH, 50, or dre feature? Damn, do these dudes even talk to each other?

    And from what I’ve seen no Dre or NO ID production to be seen. Also, I’ve at least 8 songs have pop hooks so far. Hopefully that’s all there is. Em being lazy with the hooks.

    Now….who got that leak??? I’ve seen people offerin $1000 for that shit.

    • e

      Real talk, this is why shady records ain’t bumpin in the streets. There’s no unity, they just do a few songs here and there but you don’t see them coming together and running things like they used to when it was Em, G unit, Dre, Obie, snoop, xzibit, etc. Still can’t understand why Em won’t work with other rappers. Antisocial mother fucker for real.

    • jmt

      People are so dumb. Like the dumbass who said do they even talk anymore.. shut up jerkoff

    • Ryan John Graybill
  • esdee

    not to impressed with first 3 songs from the album. hope he started with the weakest songs first.

    • GreenBergs

      me too gaddamnit me too

    • jake

      it’s concerning…berzerk isn’t on par with the real slim shady, survival sure as fuck isn’t on par with the way i am and stan is much more creative and unique than rap god. his new singles are good too, it’s just hard to impress people when you have the type of legacy em created with his first few albums. his music was so classic back then. his new stuff is good but it will never, ever have the same classic status. not afraid will always be a classic as well as a few others but it’s just not what it used to be at all in terms of overall musical quality.

  • GreenBergs

    sorry to say folks, this shit will be wick wick wack..

    • Franky

      Something’s wrong with you

  • pienman

    Def. Getting that deluxe joint

  • Bangers N Mash

    This album is going to be a problem

  • Kevin Casey


  • Dumb Dumb New Jack City

    Sia is not a new jack…get the verbiage correct. have some respect.

  • iCardsFan502

    I’m still disappointed that there’s no Slaughterhouse or Yelawolf feature, but I’ll still purchase two copies. One on Tunes, and one hard copy.

  • iCardsFan502

    A lot of you people sound ridiculous on here. You people expect way too much out of a 40 year old man whose life is nowhere near the same as it was during his first three records. If you’re a fan of an artist, you support that artist. End of story.

  • Geo

    I understand not liking Survival, even Berzerk to an extent, but if you can’t appreciate Rap God, i don’t know what more you expect from the man

    • djdoit

      Expect the Album to be Dope! Not really anything like MMLP1. Give the man that credit that almost 20 years have passed since that album dropped and that if you like Eminem it’ll be Dope which it is!!!

  • ready to hear what Em comes with. Survival grew on me, but I couldn’t get with Bezerk.tracklist looks dope.IDK why SH ain’t on this?

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  • GreenBergs

    just leak this bullshit already, get it over with

  • Mike Jones

    i need to hear that K.Dot track ..

  • Top5iveAlive


  • Gaster

    6 collabos, 1 rapper


    This is gonna be awesome

  • C. D. Carney

    rapidgator has the leaked album, google it and the name. i just couldn’t wait for amazon to deliver.

  • yoyo188

    Is the deluxe version in the stores too or just pre order?

  • Ryan John Graybill
  • LesterDaMolester

    fuckin fire cant say em fell off

  • marshall mathers


  • Robjk

    I think if you take the deluxe bonuses and put them in place of the singles and make it just a standard 16 track cd youve got a decent but not great album…better than i expected for title em gave it,credit where its due i say.

  • JMB 4000

    Can you get deluxe version in store?