Kanye Rants Against Media & Dentist

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I Control The Media!

New venue. New rant. Kanye was at the Oracle Arena in Oakland two nights ago and gave another rousing soliloquy. This time, his targets were media and his, uh, dentist.

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  • Hussle


  • CanYouAllHearMe

    quick question why do all jay z post some how make it to number 1 in your charts

  • paul

    i like how he comes up with new songs during his rant… HE SHOULD MAKE A SONG CALLED…”Another Dream” that’s dope…that’s how you write hit records…. let that shit come to you

  • Joshua Lang

    Kanye doesn’t control nothing he is just a little bitch!!!

  • luke

    This wasn’t a rant this was inspiring

  • Dre

    only kanye can rant in auto tune

  • Ventio

    “This time, his targets were media and his, uh, dentist.” THIS is EXACTLY what kanye is talking about here. what he said about his dentist was true, inspiring and had a relevant point to what he was trying to get across but nah the media is just going to belittle it as kanye having another tantrum, cmon rapradar i thought you were better than this

    • wow

      Rap Radar is Media!

  • TRUTHwilliams

    By calling it a rant, you are implying he is crazy and belittling his message. This site would KILL for an interview with Kanye yet you post headlines that demean his craft. As black owned site, I’m sure you should know how voiceless Black men are in society, and here is one passionately articulating his viewpoint. David Chappelle, said it best, “maybe we’re not crazy, maybe it’s the environment.”

  • JMcL

    i love kanye. i find this shit motivational

  • ezylyfe

    Kanye West the next Mase #Church soon

  • MadMike0082

    how sad…. prob the greatest musician of our generation and he’s lost his fucking mind. I wish I could show the wired mouth shut Ye’ this video….. so fucking sad.

    • TheKing

      I question your use of “musician”

  • Even if you dislike him you can’t knock his passion……..

  • ans

    Fuck you B. Dot for this weak-ass passive-aggressive shit. You should know better. Kanye was on point through the whole thing.

  • Deya

    This isn’t a rant.

  • nirusxhonda

    i hope he gives more rants like this..after he get his designer rights…http://superkicks88.yourlikes.com/

  • bw

    so inspiring

  • happy1

    Omg so inspiring…u gay skinny jeans wearing pussy cats. He’s an idiot, dumb fuck boy

  • happy1

    Kanye stand on his dick

  • TheKing

    Definition: Rant – To talk loudly and in a way that shows anger; to complain in a way that is unreasonable.

  • TheKing

    Nugget of the day: The media can’t control an educated mind! When you use objective thinking you can see through the bullshit. Lame is the new cool.

    • TheKing

      didn’t i delete this? lol

  • Brian

    Elliot, don’t talk. Ever

  • it’s the roc

    yeezy givin em a rock concert and joel osteen all in one

  • Jerzzz

    Man this boy is sensitive. Too many fatherless sons has bred a generation of charmin soft sensitive grown boys

  • eastbayjames

    Fuck Kanye West, he says the dumbest shit ever.

  • Contac Vecci



  • tmb

    fuck you b dot lol how is this a rant. inspirational as fuck. it’s people like you that make others see kanye as a joke, which in turn makes him try harder and harder to not be seen as one, which leads to more outbursts lol

  • RIV

    Let’s see what Kanye has to say about the dentist….. *clicks play*

  • lucky sleven

    I don’t think jesus would b ranting if he didn’t get his way