• Damn

    That beat.

  • Neal

  • OvO50

    Drake you the best man! but check this out

  • Scott

    Dammmmm she’s this shit dropping?!!!

  • HueZ

    I’m really not a fan of drake 99% of the time, but sometimes… just sometimes… he drops FIIIIIIIIIIRE like this track appears to be.

    love that beat. looks like he realized that kendrick killin him right now

    • hiGh

      HueZ you junkie

    • tlox

      lol and the ‘Kendrick killin him’ part oh man that made my morning…..Like Drake said ‘Kendrick ain’t murdering him on any platform

      • Los

        You could not have said any better than that kendrick is nice but he is not on drake level

      • Chronic

        If you weren’t a female you’d actually not think with your vagina and realize that Kendrick makes way better music in terms of content and wordplay.

        • Streets Buchanon

          Naw they are night and day in terms of content and word play . Im fans of both . They both make great music .

    • Beast

      Drake is headlining his own tour & just released European leg this morning while kendrick still playing as a supporting act + just let you know Drake started as a headliner before ‘thank me later’ mmmm educate your comment……….with all the hype Kendrick will never be Drake level its well written so bright. he is not a star. period

    • Head

      Why must it always be “either” “or”. Stop being babies. while y’all acting as their internet button-men.These two cats are murking on their respective platforms

  • veesky

    It sounds okay…I’d have to hear a full version. I mean, it’s no “5AM in Toronto”, Drizzy set the bar high for himself with that one

  • kanye west

    b dot a lame.

  • brza

    those drums and horn section sound dope in my opinion looking forward to this record

  • DaJuan

    Hate that damn STARTED yelling flow. Song sounds tough thooo

  • josh

    sounds wack… the horn sounds so lonely and dry with no other instruments backing them… no bass, no strings, no other horns to accommodate…….. fuck outta here…. listen to ll of the lights if u want a real produced track with horns

    • josh


      • haann


    • JD300

      All of the lights was produced by real musicians and not hip hop beat makers with no skill and knowledge of music

    • DatPrettyMF

      nigga how can you tell what instruments are there or not when this was recorded with a fuckin potato

  • JD300


  • haann

    Drakes really coming into his own now, hes in his prime at the top of the game with the whole industry in his hand. This song just sounds triumphant, He is the guy right now. Kendrick wont be able to headline a arena tour at Barclays for a few more years if ever, its drakes time right now

  • Macavelli

    This would’ve made NWTS sooo much tougher

  • Llort Amai

    I do not stay at the Inter-conti-nental