• Infamous

    It’s a good thing that he made a mixtape cost a hundred dollars but at least he could’ve put all album quality songs on them….the tape is totally trash minus a few good songs….business has to be justified

    • Viva La Raza

      agreed! Homeboy has been giving good interviews but the music is sooooo lackluster!
      50 kinda suffer from this too. Their business acumen & wisdom is insightful & tangible but the music is that same old formula, minus a few gems sprinkled here & there. Id rather listen to Rittz.

  • Bap

    i love Nipsey movement!! Crenshaw is the hardest mixtape this year since “Acid Rap.” It’s a great mixtape. Nipsey can be A FORCE IN THE GAME IF HE CONTINUES TO PUT OUT GOOD MUSIC. #FUCCTHAMIDDLEMAN

  • wow

    very solid dude! shout out Nip Hussle!

  • DC is up Next

    I salute Nipsey and the #ProudToPay campaign! Been a fan of the music but now I see is a Smart dude, seems 100. Looking forward to the next move

  • Yea1

    All MONEY IN!

  • nirusxhonda

    checc me out..neighborhood nip hussle.


    IS HE 50 YEARS OLD OR 40?

    • NicoSWEBaby

      Born 85′ sucka

  • Memphis TN

    REAL!!!! I rock with Hussle