Joey Bada$$ & Ab-Soul Cuffed In St. Louis


Have You Figured Out Why I’m In These Handcuffs?

Racial profiling, no?  Joey Bada$$ and Ab-Soul were cuffed for marijuana-related offense in St. Louis last night. Statik Selektah says they both are out of custody and The Smokers Club Tour will proceed tonight as planned.



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    Because your name is Joey Bad ass….so we arrested you off principle ALONE. CHECK HIM OUT

    • issadash

      Just another lame nigga talking about his drug use.

  • HueZ

    hahaha when I saw this on the main page I thought to myself “I bet this is weed related”

  • Djcognac

    Stay outta jail.

  • digitalguerilla

    I thought this was a promotional stunt…. For what I don’t know. But it got my click to figure out why.

  • KIng

    Driving while BLACK and the fact that you got money does not help! you still a nigga, in a coupe

  • Puff Puff Pass Baby

  • RichFlair

    I would have a dude who just held the weed and blunts if i was on tour… he would have a bail fund and all that… that would be his job to take the L anytime we get pulled over …. beats!

  • cashcow223


  • RIV

    Like the homie Young Shank from Cleveland say… “Let that shit in!” …legalize that mary shit b… come check out my new music video “The Good Die Young 2K13” in 720/1080p HD here: