Kool G Rap & Necro On Juan Epstein


Hudson Street Blues.

G Rap and Necro kicked it with Cipha and Rosenberg for the latest episode of Juan Epstein. Their conversation ran over an hour, but here is a rundown of what was discussed.

G Rap talks about his early relationship with nas (this goes way further back than we realized), his history with Ross, how much it cost to book the Juice Crew, and gives his top 10 MCs! Necro also hangs out and talks about their upcoming project!

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  • DJ Coganc

    Kool G Rap is crazy! and Necro is a sick sick rapper. Google I Need Drugs by Necro if you NEVER have. CLASSIC HIP HOP

  • brollya

    i bet ebro and dem want go off on kool g rap lik he did on khalad and b dot

  • Guillaume Pilon

    necro need more pub

    cuz he a beast of the mic and producing

  • BrooklynGRAVESEND

    No video… losers this is why 105 shits on them

    • huez

      Juan Epstein is the best hip hop podcast on the internet. Sometimes they film it, sometimes they don’t, because it’s a PODCAST not a hot97 interview.

      They go deep into hip hop history with the OG’s of the game, it’s not so they interview whoever is popping right now while going on a promotional run for their new album. ever notice how the guests on hot97’s morning show and the breakfast club say the exact same stuff in both interviews, sometimes almost word for word? gtfo out of here with that bullshit son, juan epstein is for REAL hip hop fans.

      • BrooklynGRAVESEND

        yea i know im just saying should of had a video for this interview

      • regular degular

        I love that Im NOT THE ONLY one that has that perspective on things! I almost felt like I was one of the last of a dying breed…..Im sorry I just don’t vibe with this new new-shit, Im boom-bap to the heart…..I ONLY BANG 90’s and very early 00’s music in my car….I DESPISE THE RADIO! So these podcasts are a fucking godsend cuz I would never hear these types of interviews. I would just get the usual “yeah I got an album coming out….this rumor addressed….blah blah blah”……With JuanEpstein (and Combat Jack) podcasts its just hip hop heads building with rappers/producers that I FUCK WITH…..I burn these shits to the hard drive and put’em on a USB and let’em rock on my rides to and from work…..So Im glad there is demand for this type of thing (other than me) so that it will (fingers crossed) continue!

  • Viva La raza


    this was so good….G Rap go so hard….

  • TuT

    why do i hav to listen to this fat white boy goofily interview our greats…im sick of the world and europeans