• classifiedshady

    song called “gettin back” more like “gettin fat” look at his face?? looks like the prison he was at was feeding him well!!

    • regular degular

      and here you go….worried bout another niggaz weight and how his FACE LOOK…..smh…..clown niggaz left and right….you fitting right in!

      • uberfunny918

        got ’em!

  • iknow

    Young Buck Haystak = CASHVILLE

  • iknow

    Young Buck Haystak = CASHVILLE

  • This go hard!

  • Buck can rhyme. This fact is CONSTANTLY overlooked. homey can rhyme, songs are compelling for the most part, introspective, he has a good ear for beats. If people are being honest Buck has a good shot at making and selling substantial lps.

  • fivestarog

    i hate the fact Buck still trying to rapp,cause the music he making now sucks

  • YB#1

    When people hate on Buck it is because he is better than their favorite, it is that simple. If you like the lies from all these rappers, then listen to the radio. If you like a guy that tells the truth and hasn’t sold out, then you listen to Young Buck. Get ’em Buck, best rapper alive, 50 cent pays people to write negative comments about you because there is no way people believe any of the crap they right about you.

    • ^dumbass

      youre a fucking idiot

  • JcToppDogg

    Young buck mix tape live loyal die rich beat that nicee harder , better then anything g unit has ever put out

  • KC

    Hope y’all like da beat…TREZ n NEEK productions.