Ryan Seacrest Interviews Kanye West

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Kanye Press.

Continuing his media run, Kanye visited Ryan Seacrest. He spoke on his tour, Miley Cyrus collaboration, fatherhood, wedding plans with Kim Kardashian and more.

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  • I Vezzy

    Is Kris managing Kanye’s career now or something? Went from to “don’t do press” to kardashian level media whoredom

    • Dyl

      doing some interviews is media whoredom?

    • fivestarog

      lmao i think she is

  • Sean Power

    let see if do a media run when hits the east coast, I would love to see kanye sit down with the breakfast club let see how handles a interview where not agree with everything he say, sorry YN sometimes your interviews become more of praise session than a interview

    • I hope he does breakfast Club, but he won’t because they be shitting on Kim and him

      • Sean Power

        if could sit down with them and have Cthagod change his view that would do great deal for his hood rep not that he cares

    • fivestarog


  • brza

    a happier Kanye may result in better music some I’m with it

  • eastbayjames

    Kanye West wont do the breakfast club. He’s not intellectually bright enough to have a real conversation with Charlamagne tha god. In fact Kanye is a clip note of a brain. He’s in his upper 30s and only now is starting to preach about God, slavery, racism, and fashion. And he gets mad when people tell him to shut the fuck up. Don’t he know he sounds like he’s in 7th grade. His intellect is weak. His ideas are unoriginal and uninspiring. Listen Kanye Kardashin, you make good music, and you want to be a fashion icon. Okay we got it, do your best. Otherwise shut your fucking mouthpiece. You’re interviews are boring, and you’re message and antics are all for show. You only act out in front of an audience. Then you wait for an applause. You’re a phony YE . A FAKE . Fraud. Charlamange would eat your heart for lunch, and expose your uneducated brain. Kanye Stop reading Wikipedia, and getting all your ideas from other people. Pick up books, read , educate yourself, and there you will find the real power. You’re almost 40 years old Kanye West. You’re getting old, and more irrelevant each and every passing day.

    • EDITOR of Ignorance

      before you attach someone about their “intellect”, make sure you first know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE…you need to pick up a 3rd grade grammar book.

      • eastbayjames

        Fuck you, its a typo. I know the difference between you’re and your. ownership and one is a contraction of you are. U trying to protect Ye from the criticism his smut face deserves. I have no doubt Kanye wouldn’t know the difference between your and you’re though. He’s a Lil bitch talks about GOD and acts as a messenger, yet all Kanye is a fucking fraud. A man whore, having a child out of wedlock real fucking GODDLY! YE you’re so full of shit. Just make music, and work on your lil fashion career. Bitch!

        • guest

          You come across as very bitter and vindictive? What is your motive? Kanye doesn’t owe you or Charlamagne $hit…period!!!

    • Yuppies

      People need to let Kanye be Kanye. He’s too creative that he can’t handle normality. He’s always thinking outside the box. Have you seen how he struggles with the simplest questions? And Charlamagne? Dude has a simple mind. He has people skills but ask him the deep questions and he won’t give you a deep answer. Him and Kanye are opposites and if you think he’s smarter than Yeezy then that makes you simple minded too. Can’t think outside the box my nig.

  • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

    Tour coming up doing press is part of it


  • Rod

    West is a talented man but he’s incredibly stupid. Dog, you are not a
    slave to anything. You chose to sign contracts and allowed yourself to
    be treated as a commodity within pop culture. A culture that has a
    love/hate opinion about you! You are not Michael Jackson or John Lennon.
    The world will not freeze if you chose to end your music career. Using
    the Confedrate flag as a metaphor to reflect your self-imposed slavery,
    word? Knock off this Kanye Kardashian bullshit and go back to being the
    rapper I admired in 2003.

  • datnicca

    i cant believe people are comparing kanye west and charlamagne


    Kanye west beat with a Nina Simone sample called Aint Comin’ Down , sounds siiiiick

  • Neal