Drakes Talks Toronto Raptors

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Air Canada.

A month ago, Drake was appointed Global Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors. And with the NBA starting their season tonight, the team released this vignette of Drizzy talking about the team and his city.

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  • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

    Drake you’re my dude but if you love the raptors so much why were you at the club with the Miami Heat after they won the championship this past season? and why were you trying to get into the locker room after the last game of the finals, no hate I am just wondering.



    • CANALT1

      Lmaoo.. Exactly why the niggas in the comments are HERBS
      You’re gonna sit in your hotel room while you’re in MIAMI on of the biggest nights in nightlife in Hip Hop/Culture? Over your “team”?
      Now should not do it? Yeah, but then he was only a fan. You’re supposed to live your life. Weird ass

      • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

        You can’t be an Ambassador for a team if you are partying with an opposing team, nothing sounds strange about that? Herb nigga? Yeah ok, I hate a smart dumb nigga, you don’t see any Ambassador of any team partying with an opposing team, what part of the game is that, FOH.


        • Hussle

          well he wasnt an ambassador back then. Sure he wont do it from now on.

          • Buster Cherry #GetOnMyLevel

            But he was repping the team though, make all the excuses you want bruh.

          • disqus_EBrJw3DQ3f

            reppin how? jerseys? hats? none of that … chill why can’t ppl just be fans of THE GAME instead of a specific team? Drake’s been courtside for Lakers, Knicks, Heat and of course Raptors
            now that he took the job for the raptors he’ll probably still go to other teams games just maybe not often and not to the locker room lol

  • Neal

    He dont even play ball

  • TulaQ

    Raptors are weak in basketball terms

  • Ten

    That place is a facility and I just want them to have a visitor with a name like Drake. It’s just fun to come to think of it that he is making an appearance there. It’s just plain funny that’s all, no need for a reason or anything, it just makes me laugh that’s all. And drake the person is our person so it’s fine. I just don’t have something to do at that time and figured I might give myself a bit of a laugh.