• runwititconcepts

    Good. I appreciate the production from DJ Paul. DJ Paul always had that signature sound but he’s definitely refined his style over the years. Yelawolf is great and is one hit away, he just has to keep grindin it out.

  • West West Yall

    i really LOVE “light switch” man Yela just STAYS GRINDIN’ I love that. Shady vs EVERYBODY!

  • Viva La raza

    goof lawddddddddddddddddddd….killer killer killer…

    DJ Paul production kills….

  • Chronic

    I love yelawolf, like when I first heard pop the trunk I thought we might have another talented white rapper who got as big as em. But it’s just been one disappointment after another for me since he signed to shady.

    At the same time I feel like the only thing shady records has done for him was get him onto that one BET cypher. Like honestly why wouldn’t eminem give this kid more than one horrible verse on his debut album and a count down from 10 to start this mixtape.

  • Chronic

    After a second listen I gotta say, yelawolf actually came real good on this. First listen was through my iphone speakers and I feel like I missed half of what he said and couldn’t fully hear the beats

  • Quixotic

    YELAWOLF is NEXT LEVEL .. Mastermind said it best .. To me Yelawolf is a creative genius and I’ll be supporting for a long time to come

  • Ten


  • Ten

    Yela is the songright of em.

  • john doe

    OK, Light Switch is a good song

  • Tanya

    There are people who are saying they will arrive but they are absent.