New Video: Juicy J “Stop It”

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 4.54.19 PM

Death Wish.

If you’re thinking about crossing Juicy J, think again. Armed with a chain saw and bad temper, Juicy lays the murder game down flat in his new video. Off Stay Trippy which you can download here.

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  • KooKooCal

    so tired of seeing this wack ass old style black diamonds videos.. Why can’t we see a Director X.. Boomtown.. Colin Tiley.. Or big budget video..?

  • The wise

    I find it funny this guy seems to be doin good but he has no offical fan support jus watch hes gonna be crawlin his way back to 3 6 mafia ..once da mafia 6 blows up..his time is tickin an its comin to an end soon