New Mixtape: Mac Miller Delusional Thomas


Hi-Pitch Mac.

Produced by his  alter ego Larry Fisherman,  Mac Miller arrives with his new mixtape, Delusional Thomas.  His voice is pinched throughout the entire tape, so take heed before listening. Stream and download before.

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  • Jojo

    One of the few dope rappers out

  • jrfjdlfs

    Bdot I think it’s worth pointing out to you that while this is by Mac and the production is his alter ego Larry Fisherman, Delusional Thomas is also an alter ego and he’s the one with the high pitched voice, that’s why one track has “featuring mac miller” on it.

    dope mixtape though! the beats are crazy and mac.. no err.. thomas spits some mad ishhhh.

  • ITS ME

    This tape is nothing but dopeness

  • Chronic

    honestly…kinda sick of every rapper needing to come up with an alter-ego to go certain directions in music…its you, youre just trying different shit out, theres no need for an alter ego…its stupid, tyler the creator has like fuckin 5 persona’s, mac miller apparently has 3 now, Kendrick raps in mad different voices…just get off eminems dick already

    • Jacob

      what the fuck does eminem have to do with this, you sound like a dumbass

      • Chronic

        Because they’re all just basically taking the slim shady idea…make a persona and say a bunch of fucked up shit

        • Marty Taylor

          because Eminem was the first person in history to create an alter-ego to say fucked up shit, right?

          • Chronic

            Name another prominent rapper who made a career off having his rap name and then this “alter ego” that he created for the sole intent of talking ish before eminem

          • Marty Taylor

            You worded that just so you would be right. That’s like saying “Name another rapper over 300 pounds, from NY, who had a record ‘Juicy’ other than Biggie”. Madlib could be considered. Makaveli could be considered. Biggie’s Frank White persona could be considered.

  • Chronic

    this is a cool tape though

  • JuJu

    was expecting some dope rap…nvm

  • The Incredible Creation

    Fuck wit this… you guys here might like what this dude Milly is doing…. —>

  • ihateskinnyjeans

    hardest tape out

  • brza

    sounds like a product of somebody who was high off of whip-its and decided to put out a mixtape

  • danyo boone

    The alter ego thing is a way for rappers to rap certain topics and themes that are not who their characrer is and get away with it. If u listen to the tape, you’ll hear a more dark and morbid side to him that he wanted to show his fans without effecting his image. Only his alter ego would be able to pull it off. If mac came out with this tape, people woulda been talkin about how he’s sayin stuff he not really doing, but with an alternate, he can switch up his style and do some new stuff without being directly criticized.

  • shaolinkid

    Niggas should thank Quasimoto aka Madlib for shit like this.

  • alfa_g

    this is one of the dopest mix tapes out these follow me on instagrame if your a rapper ill give you a shout out @_tags_gang_ follow