New Music: Isaiah Rashad x SZA “Ronnie Drake”


Top’s New Dawgs.

Produced by The Antydote, TDE’s latest recruits team up for their first collaboration. The Kendrick comparisons are almost inevitable, but in due time, we’ll see what Isaiah has to offer with his upcoming release.

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  • The Incredible Creation
  • Jack Hoff

    TDE> the rest of hiphop

  • Chronic

    its like if Kendrick and q had a baby

    • yessir

      so true…..he’s a real good fit for TDE. They’re over there building an all-star team…..looks like good music is definitely in the future!

  • John Cusack

    Chattanooga stand up

  • Othello

    This dude is dope. Lots of nice tracks on his resume so far. Def lookin forward to an official release. Yo RapRadar the comment section has improved, but the mobile feel to this new layout is wack! I’ve been protesting by coming to this site less frequently throughout the week instead of everyday like i used to hah!

  • Neal

  • brza

    can’t front good record

  • koO

    SZA my favorite singer by far

    • Please stop spamming your link on every rapradar post.

  • Da Business


  • Tushawn Bundy Stewart

    Now everybody gonna overrate anything that comes out of TDE….. Smh

    • flo

      you sound mad

  • titus tucker

    Anyone who makes good music with a message “sounds like Kendrick” and anyone who makes big records “sounds like Drake”..
    We gotta grow up Hip Hop..