New Music: Lil’ Kim “Dead Gal Walking”

hardcore dk13

Don’t Get Buried Alive.

Lil’ Kim’s Hard Care 2K13 mixtape is set for a Black Friday release. And to make for it’s delay, she toughens up on dancehall-inspired tune.


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  • tlox

    lil kim > minaj damn if it wasn’t for those DAMN plastic surgeries she would be the whole package cause this bad bitch has talent

    • Abe6772

      You sound like a fan bro.

      • mikedreams

        You know those exist, right? It’s okay to be a fan of music. I would assume that’s why you’d be on a music blog in the first place. You’re a fan of music.

  • brooklyna


  • DJ T

    mix feeling about this !!!! hope it catches fire , cause it a okay tune

  • The Thoughtful 1

    If Kim had been putting out consistent music this year, I’d be less skeptical about this project but at this point, I feel like she’s only going to throw dirt on her legacy.

  • TrendyRauhl

    Why on earth would you post this Soundcloud audio and not the one from her official Soundcloud account…

  • DaniellaT

    I like this one!!! A song with a message..I like the added depth/inflection in her voice when she says walking. Def different from what the other females are’s a breath of fresh air. She breathed life into the current female rap genre with this one…

  • this would rock if it was a good mix

  • Realistik Shakur

    only the cover make me dream

  • That’s A Banger