Big Sean x Kid Cudi On Jimmy Fallon

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Chain Heavy.

Big Sean returned to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon yesterday. In the middle of his set, Kid Cudi joined him for the first performance of “First Chain”.

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  • Donn

    This dude can spit, I don’t know why ppl say he can’t. Maybe it’s cus he has a funny flow and doesn’t spit a million rhymes per minute but it’s statement flow. Dude got bars

    • Chris M

      He can ride a beat, but my issues with Sean are a) dude’s voice is soft as fuck b) that whole hashtag rap style he ushered in was terrible for rap music c) he spits some downright laughably corny punchlines d) dude’s stage show stinks, no energy or presence at all. Look at how Cudi completely steals his shine here.

      I will say he has a talent for hooks and picks good beats for his albums.

      • goadr1an

        spot on statement!

      • peace

        Big Sean is lyrical man, he is not trying to be lyrical all the time but he is good, just listen to “Higher” or “Nothing Is Stopping You”, plus he got some real heartfelt messages in his songs.

      • Word

        “I’m feeling like a grown ass Lil boy, nigga naa naan naaa” I like Big Sean but that line was unforgivable.

        • Vanusa Neto

          That line had me dying. He’s luck on “Who i am” was that dope ass beat. But Big Sean has a HUGE potential tho, we can’t deny it.

  • Neal

    Big Sean isnt aggressive enough yo be taken seriously, everyone knows he can rap, nut he gets played by Drake and Kdot and still shows them love hes like a pussy cool nigga in hs tryna survive,

  • spliffjones

    This dude has some of those corniest raps I have ever heard. The average rap fan nowadays is a 15 year old teenage girl who likes it because they think the guy is sexy. It has ruined the main figures in popular rap as we used to have artists with real lyrics but now we have people like big sean and drake. who appeal more to wet teenage vaginas than to the average person who buys it because it has real lyrics. for shame rap fans. If you a dude and you dig this guy go bury your grave and ill drop you in it

  • yourbiggestfan

    Biggie would have never made it in todays rTue raps like he had have no place in the pop facade it has turned into. Step one. Be good looking. step 2. be able to rhyme nigga with nigga. step 3. have one single that goes gold. step four. repeat process until their ears bleed. Originality like biggie suffers in todays game as most kids dont even like it. sucks what the game has turned into

  • Camden Price

    This shit is so dope…..

  • watchthethrone

    great performance, they both killed it !

  • i didn’t even really know Cudi and big sean was rocking with eachother still. I haven’t heard about Cudi in dumb long

  • i didn’t even really know Cudi and big sean was rocking with eachother still. I haven’t heard about Cudi in dumb long


    this makes me want to goto a big sean show.

  • Guillermo Junior

    crazy how cudi better then big sean and possibly better then alot of rappers but he chooses to do weird music

  • Vanusa Neto

    This song is so so dope..