DJ Whoo Kid Interviews Eminem



Before kicking it with Sway on Tuesday, Eminem called DJ Whoo Kid and Reef on Shade 45 this afternoon. He spoke on working with Rick Rubin, Rhianna, and Kendrick Lamar. Afterward he talked about his allegiance to Dr. Dre. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 drops November 5th.

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  • spliffjones

    Eminem misses proofs influence like a mother fucker.. Eminem cant do it like he used to. He is still vrainy and technical as fuck with the rhymes and shit but the brilliance of his songs is gone.

    Its like a more creative and faster rapping lil wayne. it sucks. he saw lil wayne saw all those albums and he decided to do that style to death.

    I never thought i would see eminem conform to popular opinion but he has. It saddens me his strategy is rapping for the youth rather than himself.

    I know it will sell records and his new cd isn’t horrible but the influence of proof is gone and the fluidity over the beat like renegade, kill you, bully, pretty much every song after relapse(which is the last cd that stilll had proofs influence somewhat) is gone. I cant stand the new choppy fast paced shouty eminem that we still have. what the fuck happened to marshall?

    Proofs death has impacted far more than anything ever could have..

    This cd seemed to fulfill the contract to interscope as it lacks passion. I dont even think he cares about the rap game anymore. He is done

    “when your run is over just admit when its at its end.”

    • SmOKiNkUSHDaiLy562

      lol dude stfu times change nothing stays the same…

    • LesterDaMolester

      bro your stupid if anythin hes one of the few huge artists payin attention to lyrics flows and hip hop today

    • gweeg

      my eyes are bleeding. you really just attempted to put lil wayne on the same level as Em. hilarious.

  • Micke from Sweden

    spliffjones: Yes, he misses proof badly but the other stuff just pure BULLSHIT!

    He’s evolved to something more than he was.

    This album is an combination of the old Em with the new Em.

    Yes I am a stan but I can still think outside of that and this is my thoughts as a fan and just as a listener that understans lyrics and music in it’s whole.

    This is what I wrote on another site.

    The fact that people hate on this is becouse of the lack of understandig
    and knowing good and great music when they hear it, I mean, some kids
    theese days thinks that Rick Ross is the goat and that paints a perfect picture of how ignorant and simply put stupid kids are theese days.

    It’s just pure stupidity to hate on this album. In my book, it’s his
    best to this day. All the songs are epic and has that greatly
    appreciated replay value, you just want to hear it over and over again,
    and for every new listening session you’ll find something new that you
    didnt hear the first time around and it just keeps on getting better and
    better. Usually you’ll get an album that consists of one or two, maybe
    three good tracks, on this one every single one of them stands out exept
    for Berzerk, to me.

    The one I like the least are Berzerk, but I
    can still understand why you would like it, it’s a good record, It’s
    different and the funny thing is that it’s the least playable song on
    this album and it’s still better than most rappers songs now days, that
    describes how good this album actually is.

    Salute to Em for this one, I had my
    doubts, but this is in my book, the greatest album of all time, yes… I
    said It.
    The Greatest album of all time belongs to the greatest rapper/MC. What an artist this man is.

    If you got somewhat of a brain you will understand his greatness, you
    just cant deny this mans genius. Love the fact that he stayed away from
    the trap shit and kept it real. The production on this album is amazing.
    Smooth mixes and just a big sound to it, as a music producer myself, i
    love all of it, it has everything I could ask for and more. Old Em mixed
    with the new Em, and of course, Shady.
    This combination makes him
    greater than he’s ever been in my eyes.

    • GreenBergs

      either ur getting paid to write this, or u are on some serious drugs..

      • Micke from Sweden

        Oh, yeah, you caught me… I’m a swede that lives in stockholm that’s getting paid to write a comment on an american hiphop site. Stop it… No, I’m as sober as you can be. This is what I think. Respect my view on all of this or gtfo.

        • GreenBergs

          Oh that explains it perfectly, u europeans have a warped view on what hip hop is or is supposed to be and will eat up anything out of new york or the underground scene..

          • Micke from Sweden

            Just… Stop it, that’s ignorans at it’s finest. So you’re saying that just becouse of the fact that I’m European makes me blind to the American hiphop scene? I know what hiphop is about and what it stands for, no question about it. Stfu and listen to your wack trapmusic. Stop it with the “everybody outside US know jack shit!” I can look at the scene in a different perspective, yes, but if that is the fact, it’s becouse of the fact that I can see it from the outside of the box, and that box is the box you live in. Come with something clever instead of dumbfounded abuses or just go McDonalds and eat a burger.

          • Guest

            Funny thing… English is my second language and I still writes a whole lot better than you. Hahah. Smh…

  • LesterDaMolester

    MMLP2 is not on the lvels on the first 1 and that is not suprising but i dont get how people can deny this 2nd lp he went hard and gave us pure slim shady again but problem is today it seems like a trend just to hate on whatever he does hes got so big that dudes just hate and then u got the fans that cant accept hes not gonna sound exactly like he did back in the day which he shouldnt because an artists should evolve i guarantee if he stuck to the exact same all these years yall muthafuckas would be like “ohh hes just the same same old shit” lol yet kanye drops an album of 13 songs with not a fraction of the lyricism as MMLP2 yet seemed to be less hated on

    • dank

      yeah but the beats suck

      • NiggalosCage

        lol thats your opinion personally i think most of it was good and its good to hear em spit on his own production again


    i have never felt as weird as i did while listening to the MMLP2

  • GreenBergs

    Blue chips 2 and FNO > mmlp 2

  • The Incredible Creation
  • Album is cool But i think his songs are just too long now, Give me a good 3 min Track And We good.