• Jade Ashley

    It’s great to see her with new music.

    • Bobby Fisher

      – said nobody ever.

      • LMAO!!! so effed up

  • The Incredible Creation

    Neiva Eure still the best female rapper tho…. https://soundcloud.com/iamneiva

  • Neal
  • Neal

    Love the video by the way, song sounds vintage, very needed right now

  • JoeJoe

    Yeah she’s lookin like a bag of something. Just not money


    she looks like a saw doll.

  • mobby

    This is weak… I expect better quality music from her… where’s the hardcore gritty dark sound…

  • PhilLee8

    Shouldnt she be somewhere having a kid or something? How old is this lady? She is one ugly individual.

  • Darrell Cabey

    I feel sorry for this woman.

  • Ryan Carter

    lil kim looks like one of the Jacksons lol

  • slik101

    Yo i swear to god i my brain read it as “Looks Like a Monkey”

  • Mr gray

    Why she look like michael jackson SMH

  • MrHeat

    How can you rap about the money you earned in the rap game and rap about it so fuckin bad! They should put her in Madam Tussaud!

  • M Roels

    lovin’ the cars though