Eminem “Berzerk” & “Survival” On SNL

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 8.55.17 AM

Lip Synch That MF’er.

With Rick Rubin on the 1s and 2s, Eminem made his sixth appearance on Saturday Night Live performing his single “Bezerk”. Below, he returns for “Survival”. MMLP2 November 5th.

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  • nachit

    God on TV

  • James

    Bezerk is so badly lip synced holy shit

  • brza

    not his best performance that’s for sure

  • Hmm… It looks like Em barely even wanted to be there, he looks tired or something…

  • spliffjones

    More evidence he doesnt care about rap anymore.. Lip syncing? He is done. I doubt he tours with this album.. shit proof dying fucked this mother fucker up. wish he quit after relapse

    • JP

      Question, what were you favourite albums this year?

      • spliffjones

        Freddie Gibbs E$GN is prolly the number one.. Lorde Pure Heroine.. Hova MCHG(beat selection is fantasmal) Pusha T My name is my name..


      i see….he doesn’t care about rap anymore but keeps dropping albums….another dude that bootlegged the album and now will not buy it because….you’re broke? Eat the whole cheese sampler in front of the grocery store clerk and then decides you don’t like it. Dude was spitting from the 1st line of the album to the end. You’re delusional, you would’ve never been happy no matter what he dropped, cuz it’s cool to hate these days….HIP HOP HIPSTERS/CULTURE VULTURES. This album, if nothing else, proved he’s the best lyricist out right now. Nobody’s fucking with dude on that level…he fused his relapse flow and recovery punchlines. I liked it, i loved Relapse – best album in his career – but because all these culture vultures went to the keyboard to bitch, it forced him to shit on his own album…and that’s where he went wrong, from Mr. Don’t Give a Fuck to Mr. Molded by Criticism. I think this album will have some longevity, but the best songs will probably see no visual accompaniment. LSS – Dope album, beats out shined by complex lyrics – sounds like an underground rapper to me, and that’s where he’s comfortable, just like 50 – as an underdog.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Kinda sucks that they cut off the third verse of Survival.. that verse made the song.

    • LesterDaMolester

      agree’d he went off on the last verse

  • Donn

    I’m not a fan of Eminem live, cus it always seems like he’s lip synching and the whole rappady rap stuff doesn’t translate well on stage if you don’t already know the words cus you can’t understand anything he’s saying. I couldn’t even get through the whole thing

    • spliffjones

      well watch the up in smoke tour.. youll love eminem live.. back when he had proof with him on stage it was a different person.. and the co merica shows were pretty good too.. the videos from the marshall mathers lp tour(the first one doubt he tours with this album) were very very good.. He just doesnt give a fuck about rap anymore since proof died

      • LesterDaMolester

        bro your hellbent on repeating the same shit obviously hes not the same since proof died he even said that..u sound stupid if he didnt give a fuck bout rap whats he doin it for? nigga aint broke he could of stopped after the 2nd album. hes doin it its because he loves hip hop its all he knows like he said he has no other traits he aint a businessman like jay or diddy bein an mc is all he knows

        • Marlow †

          maybe cuz he was obligated to make another album you act like it was his choice in the first place

          • NiggalosCage

            wtf u mean LOL the dude could of not made any other albums long ago

  • Neal

    Yea Em is 1 of the best regardless what anyone says

  • Alchemist

    This made me go watch Lil Wayne’s 6’7 performance on SNL cuz this was a disappointment along with the album.

  • tlox

    he looks sooooo akward

  • Starlion

    Painful to watch

  • LesterDaMolester

    dressed like a live performance at the homeless shelter though.. especially rick haha

  • jentleil

    Who was the girl singer in the second performance from SNL last night? I think Skylar Grey but not sure.

    • Stan

      That piece of white trash Skylar Grey. Damn. I wish Em would stop pushing her.

      • Auschickie

        LOL Ouch……..

  • Dune

    Ya’ll are crazy saying it wasnt a good performance! Was a great performance! He always lip syncs the choruses cause of the singing but verses were straight him!!

    • hands

      nah b you drinking that kool aid he’s lip syncing all of it. get your listening game up.

      • Dune

        You need to upgrade from those laptop speakers cause he even fucked up a couple of words!!

    • GreenBergs

      obv dude is lip syncing and in this case its understandable because its in front of a recorded audience…

    • Josh Jennings

      He lip sang everything that mf sucks now he needs to retire or end up like 2 pac

  • hands

    even on SNL this guy lipsyncs. he has absolutely no confidence at all. and rick rubin playing himself

  • jerome

    Why the he’ll would he perform ‘Survival’?? What the f**k is wrong with the aftermath staff?

    Why not perform ‘Headlights’ or ‘Legacy’ or ‘Beautiful Pain’ and get some buzz going?

    Survival is the worst song I have heard this year.

    At least Eminem isn’t duck walking anymore.

    Also, get rid of Mr. Porter. So cringe.

    When it comes to performances, it’s Kanye>Eminem

    • Lebigga

      Go back to KTT, you sheep

  • tessa

    well without even getting to see the performance due to it being deleted, It seems like I did not miss out as most comments say this performance was wack.

  • GreenBergs

    im beginning to think that the people around em WANT to fuck up his legacy…

  • bronxbillyunz


  • GreenBergs

    lol i see at the end of the episode royce pops up on stage, taking advantage of being with em i see….

  • GreenBergs

    lol i see at the end of the episode royce pops up on stage, taking advantage of being with em i see….

  • LesterDaMolester

    em jus did rap god live i think thats a big fuck you to all people sayin he synchs

    • shayden2kz

      fuck yea it is!!!

  • catdace

    Album on god level but this performance could have been better